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Bored with his everyday life, Bart decides to sell all of his possessions to get a cruise ticket. Seeing his determination, the whole family sells personal items to get a family vacation on a cruise line. They each have the time of their lives, but Bart becomes depressed when he realizes they will all have to return to their normal lives in a week. He tricks the ship into believing a dangerous virus has infected the world, keeping the ship out at sea until it devolves into a dystopian nightmare. Once Bart confesses, the family is ejected from the boat; but Bart learns a valuable lesson about enjoying happiness when it happens and not obsessing about the difficulties of life.

The Simpsons
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The Simpsons Season 23 Episode 19 Quotes

Bart's been raptured and his crap's been craptured.


It's so diverse. I've died and gone to a PBS kid's show.