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On date night, Homer's incessant talking over the movie (a Stradivarius Cain spy-flick) makes Marge very angry. At work the next day, Homer suffers a concussion that garners him 8 weeks off work with pay. Homer spends his time with a hallucinatory vision of Stradivarius Cain, learning how to be a better man and husband. The change to his behavior pleases Marge as they enjoy a romantic date night together.

Meanwhile, Bart is fed up with Nelson's bullying and concocts a plan for vengeance after watching a Supersize-Me style documentary about Krusty Burger. Nelson becomes obese from eating Krusty Burger for 30 days straight, but Lisa forces Krusty to help him get back into shape. Nelson does get fit and muscular, becoming even more of a menace as the school bully.

The Simpsons
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The Simpsons Season 23 Episode 20 Quotes

Lenny: Trouble in paradise?
Homer: No, my marriage.

Homer: Now that's what I call a snappy retort.
Marge: Stop saying what you call things! I'm trying to watch the movie.