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After watching a reality television show called "Storage Battles," Homer comes to a storage auction and purchases a locker. Inside he finds that the locker belongs to Grampa and contains a lot feminine materials. The family assumes that Grampa is gay, but Mr. Burns reveals that Grampa was a wrestler known as "Glamorous Godfrey." a vain wrestling villain. Mr. Burns convinces Abe to revive his character and when he does, Bart is so impressed with his Grampa that he decides to adopt a showboating personality as well. The two decide to wrestle together as a tag team, but Marge is worried that the act will affect Bart's character. She is right, and Bart begins acting like his stage alter ego offstage. Grampa decides they will be good guys instead, and the two fight a new bad guy, Mr. Burns.

The Simpsons
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The Simpsons Season 24 Episode 14 Quotes

Writing is for bathroom walls and acting is for getting out of DUIs.


Oh, my gay dad is gay for gays.