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This year's "Treehouse of Horrors" offers up some timely pop culture references to make an entertaining episode. In one the episode's shorts, the Simpson family battles a mini-black hole created by the Springfield version of the Hadron Collider. As the black hole eats up all the garbage the city's residents toss into it, it reaches critical mass and swallows up the whole town; however, it transports the family to an alternative planet that worships the garbage sent to them. The second short parodies Paranormal Activity with The Simpsons being victimized by a demon. The demon tries to take Maggie because Marge made a deal with him thirty years ago, but Homer makes another deal to keep his family safe. In the final short, Bart goes "back to the future," using Frink's time machine to go back to 1974 for a comic book and, unfortunately, ruining his parent's first meeting. Realizing that his life would be much better with a different dad, Bart doesn't correct his mistake. A team of Homer's throughout history come to the future and manages to steal Marge away from her husband, Artie Ziff.

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Oh my God Particle!


Man, soccer's even boring for the ball.