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Tired of having movies spoiled, Homer begins illegally downloading movies to catch up. Soon, he's hosting viewing parties for the entire town, but Marge isn't comfortable stealing movies and sends money to the producers. Her letter leads to an FBI investigation and Homer's arrest. Homer attempts to hide at the Swedish consulate, but gives himself up after Marge admits that she turned him in. Before he is sentenced, Homer tries to explain and the Hollywood executives are moved by his underdog story. Homer's life is turned into a movie that he forbids his friends from pirating.

The Simpsons
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The Simpsons Season 25 Episode 9 Quotes

If I wanted to pay for commercials I can't skip, I'd sign up for Hulu Plus.


Homer: Wait, you guys saw the new Radioactive man sequel?
Carl: Uh, it's not sequel,it's a reboot.
Lenny: Actually, this one undoes the stuff from the last one, so it's a deboot.