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The Simpsons gather around to watch the Roast of Krusty the Clown on tv, which does not go well for Krusty. Bart tries to comfort Krusty by suggesting that he go see his father, Rabbi Krustofski. Krusty asks his father if he thinks he's funny, but all he says is "eh" before he dies.

Krusty announces on his show that he and Sideshow Mel are quitting (much to Mel's surprise). Krusty dreams that he's in Jewish heaven with his father who tells him that he should do something with his life that helps people. He opens an animal shelter for animals put out of work by Cirque du Soleil.

Krusty realizes that his father respected him even if he could never tell him. He imagines them together back in Jewish heaven floating on the Dead Sea. 

LIsa worries that Homer stops breathing in his sleep. Miss Hoover tells Marge that her fear is getting out of hand. Later Lisa wraps Homer in bubble wrap while he's sleeping in his hammock to protect him. Homer tells her she can't always protect him, that he could live to be one hundred or get hit by a bus tomorrow. Otto then drives the bus through the backyard and hits Homer who is protected by the bubble wrap. Lisa is satisfied that she was able to protect him. 






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The Simpsons Season 26 Episode 1 Quotes

No one told me this roast would treat me the same way as every roast I've ever seen and laughed at.


Rabbi Krustofski: What did the burning bush say?
Krusty: It said ow! Put me out! How many talking bushes do you think there are?