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Lisa competes in a math competition. Each school made an introductory video and Springfield's doesn't compare to the other school's. 

Springfield loses the competition and Lisa is upset that the other school has more money. 

Some former students donate money to Springfield Elementary so that they can go digital. Every student gets a tablet, the chalkboards are replaced with smart boards, and the school buys fancy new machines. 

A power surge destroys all the electronics and teachers have to improvise in order to teach. The computer teacher teaches them to type using marshmallows as keys.

Lisa goes outside to hang out with Groundskeeper Willie. He teaches her his own measuring system. Lisa realizes that losing their technology doesn't mean they have to lose their learning. She suggests the Wardorf method of teaching. 

The school has a parents meeting, which Homer is reluctant to attend, but he gets into the hands on learning approach. 

Willie becomes coach of Lisa's math team. He brings Bart on the team and makes him captain. 

Thanks to Bart, Springfield wins the rematch against Waverly Hills. 

Lisa acts drunk after drinking "Mountain Dud." 

The Simpsons participate in a hillbilly band and Homer drinks too much moonshine. 

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The Simpsons Season 26 Episode 22 Quotes

Willie: What's that?
Principal Skinner: We didn't want to leave you out of the digital revolution. Willie, meet your new supervisor.
Willie: I have to take orders from a machine?
Principal Skinner: Oh it can't speak, but should it ever learn, yes.

Principal Skinner: You're not supposed to be able to get outside our network.
Nelson: You shouldn't have made your password, "password".
Principal Skinner: It was the name of the street I grew up on, Password Drive.