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Marge is frustrated that she has to drive the kids around and do all the errands because Homer is already drinking at 8 am. 

Moe has a ticket to a show on a Saturday night so Homer offers to man the bar for him. 

Marge meets a man at the gas station who works as a driver for a transportation company and offers Marge a job. 

Carl has an idea to do a ladies' night at Moes to lure in more business. Unfortunately, only women show up for the free beer and no guys come in to purchase any. 

Moe returns to see the bar is trashed and even the love tester no longer works. Homer, Carl, and Lenny get Moe a job at the power plant to help make up the money he lost. Mr. Burns makes Moe the supervisor of sector 7G. 

Moe reassigns Homer to watering plants. Homer, Lenny, and Carl become upset with Moe when he lets the power go to his head. 

Marge is paid to give rides to town members Nelson, Willie, Gil, and others. The taxi drivers are upset they're losing business. 

Marge picks up a depressed Moe and realizes that they'd both be happier if they quit their new jobs and drops him off at the bar. The taxi drivers show up to harass Marge and Moe comes to her rescue with a shotgun. 

Moe puts the bar back together and makes up with Homer, Lenny, and Carl. 


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The Simpsons Season 26 Episode 14 Quotes

Look Moe the least you can let me do is anything I want.


You guys cost me my chance with a woman of a certain age!