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While Bart is in detention, he come across a desk covered in ancient runes. Luckily, Lisa has an app for that and translates them, transporting both of them to Hell. 

Bart discovers he excels in school in Hell when he is asked to determine appropriate punishments for sinners. He asks his parents to switch schools. Marge is obviously hesitant, but ultimately agrees. 

In "A Clockwork Yellow," the Simpsons spoof the classic novel/movie "A Clockwork Orange." In this adaptation, Moe is the main character Alex and Homer, Lenny, and Carl are his "droogs" (friends). 

Homer chooses to leave the group to be with Marge and Moe becomes a sleezy bartender. Years later, Moe attempts to get the group back together for one last night of mischief. The group decides on a home invasion of Burns' house. 

Stanley Kubric is shown watching the movie on a screen and says he wants to burn the footage, re-write everything, and start all over. 

The final section of the episode is a spoof of "The Others." 

Lisa says the tv is screwed up and only showing episodes of Married with Children. The family thinks the house is haunted. 

Homer is in bed and is lifted off the ground. The family tries to combat the ghosts with an exorcism but Homer realizes he has a copy of "The Car-Sellers Bible" 

The ghosts of the older animation of the Simpsons from the Tracy Ulman show appear to them. Marge becomes jealous of the older version of herself when she is flirting with present day Homer.

Marge decides to kill herself in the oven. Past Homer kills present Homer in the bathtub with a toaster. Lisa falls out of her window and then ghost Lisa kills Bart. There's a surprise appearance of Dr. Marvin Monroe who comes to help them. 

The two Marges compete for present Homer, but he chooses present Marge. Lisa wonders if there can be two incarnations of the Simpsons, there could be millions of others. We then get to see Lego, Anime, and Despicable Me versions of the Simpsons. 


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The Simpsons Season 26 Episode 4 Quotes

You went to Hell and came back a winner like Jesus


It's in Hell, the Inferno, Perdition, Arizona without the golf