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The town holds a bike race and Duffman is injured. It is revealed he needs hip surgery, forcing him to retire. 

Homer joins a televised reality-type competition to become the new Duffman. He only comes in as the runner-up, but when the judges discover the winner has a tattoo of a rival beer company, Homer wins by default. 

Homer and the family take a tour of Mr. Duff's mansion. Marge is concerned about Homer's new job. Mr. Duff tells Homer that he cannot drink at all as Duffman and injects him with a chip to prevent him from drinking. 

Homer adapts quickly to his new job and everyone loves him, but when he takes a trip on a plane he sees the destruction beer has caused. He realizes that his sobriety gives him a new perspective and that beer is actually bad for people.

At a car race, he decides to switch all the beer with non-alcoholic hoping he can convince the town that they can have fun without beer. They form a mob and chase him into a race car. 

Mr. Duff tells Homer he needs to show them he still loves beer and asks him to drink one, revealing the chip is not real. Homer reverts back to his drinking ways. 

Mr. Duff tracks down the original Duffman and convinces him to come back. 

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The Simpsons Season 26 Episode 17 Quotes

These reality shows really leave you no privacy.


Mr. Duff: Why don't you kids run off and play in the bottle cap pit.
Marge: Don't cut yourselves!