Harry is checking into the video at the hotel. He got himself back there and asked about the room where the murder occurred at about 4am.

Heather couldn't get survellience footage from the storage unit.

Harry lies to Heather about the previous night.

At the court hearing, Harry needs to talk to Vera. He accuses her of slipping him something, and she acts surprised. She says his ego is trying to block what is coming up. The work is trying to find him. He wants to know what he said, but she puts her hand on his chest and says now is not the right time.

Julian cannot possibly be held in his right mind. His terrible attorney tells him to say "yes" when the judge asks if he understands what is happening to him.

Then Heather shows Vera Marin's photo and accuses her of falsifying the fact Julian is her son.

Flashback to a time when Jeffries was running Mosswood and doing the work in front of the rock. Vera was helping a man who missed his wife. The guy assaults Vera in front of the group and nobody does anything to help. Another woman asks if she's OK afterward, but Vera says she's OK.

Marin asks that night about staying with the group at Mosswood. Vera remembers her very well.

Vera seems to remember the very minute Marin got pregnant by the Beacon.

There is a guy in town who seems like a normal dude but who was beating up the guy on the tape. Harry sees a metronome in his living room and doesn't believe he only visited twice. He also wonders if any of that stuff helped him. The guy just wants him out of the house.

Heather is looking at the lake on Jack's table worrying over Marin. He cleans them up for ice cream.

Harry goes to see Vera by the lake. She realizes he doesn't trust her. She needs to know that he's on Julian's side.

She's trying to get him to testify on Julian's behalf.

Stuff happens.

Jeffries wants to name the calf so they'll grow very attached to it and feel completely awful when they offer it up for release because their work is getting increasingly violent.

Ambrose breaks into someone's house.

Oh. The dude who was at Mosswood with the metronome.

Glen Fisher's grandfather was the one who had the rock.

Julian gets in trouble.

Jack continues to get even more skeevy.

The case is shut down and Ambrose is sent home because Heather turned in Harry for becoming a witness for Julian. Because she's such a great sleuth, searching for her friend instead of hunting down a killer. LMFAO.

Heather kept showing up at Mosswood to talk to Marin.

Jeffries really thought his work of slaughtering a calf changed things and that they could go further with the work now.

And Jeffries decided, upon hearing Marin was pregnant, that they will raise the child together.

The Sinner
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The Sinner Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Woman: Should that, should that, what happened in there, should that be a part of the work?
Vera: Every experience is a part of the work. You know that. Why? Are you upset?

There are no children here. The Beacon is very clear about this. None of us are advanced enough in the work to have children. I think he's right.