Before the Crash - The Sinner
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Jamie puts music on for Nick and kneels in front of him again asking if it's OK.

Jamie wipes the blood out of Nick's eye.

Jamie recalled the evening while taking a bath. He's considering vaping, but drops it in the tub instead.

Jamie doesn't even want coffee as he's trying to stay clear.

Leela's concerned about the birth plan while she tries to schedule their day out of concern for Jamie.

He's gotta pick up a tree.

Ambrose's coworker wonders why Jamie let Nick die. Were they banging? Ambrose wonders whether Jamie and Nick had contact before he died.

Sonya is there. She tells Ambrose that Jamie was back on her property and drove off when she spotted him.

She's concerned about why they were on her access road. He tells her Jamie's story about being lost.

She swears at Ambrose and leaves.

Jamie is seeing the paper finger game and the accident in his mind while he talks with one of his students.

She has a recommendation letter for him to sign. He wonders if she really wants to send it because it reads like it's an algorithm.

She's written a version of herself that isn't even real. Is that how she wants to enter the world?

Ambrose is staking out Jamie as he returns from the city. He follows him right to the nursery and approaches.

Jamie says he drove over to Sonya's to apologize and saw his men there.

Ambrose begins to dig into Jamie and Nick.

Ambrose offers Jamie his post hole digger on Sunday morning.

Jamie recalls seeing Nick again for the first time. Nick wouldn't shake his hand. Jamie bought him a drink only to discover that Nick no longer drank.

Jamie reached out to Nick first after 18 years.

Ambrose gets information and heads into Manhattan to check out a restaurant where Jamie and Nick went. The short one attacked another diner.

When she mentions he left with blood all over his hand, Ambrose needs to see the security footage.

Jamie and Leela have friends over for dinner. One of the guys suggests he get a Peleton.

At the dinner with Nick, Jamie says it looks like he's making money. Nick had no other choice because after he left, he needed something.

After what happened with Jamie, Nick got to the top just to see how it looked. And there's nothing to do up there but jump off. Nick needs to know why he called. It's not his marriage. Leela is everything.

Jamie says he doesn't feel anything anymore.

The people are talking at dinner, and Jamie is in his own little world. He gets up and almost passes out. He's having a panic attack.

At the hospital, Leela can't believe it's only anxiety. The doctor tells them to go to therapy.

Jamie walks through the hospice ward. He sees an older fellow reaching toward his water glass and imagines Nick reaching for the phone after the accident.

Jamie helps the man who tells him he's ready to go. Go where, Jamie asks him.

Ambrose is at his local diner, where he spots Sonya eating alone. He approaches. It's awkward almost like he has a crush on her.

He apologizes for his behavior the other day and agrees she has every reason to be concerned.

She had a stalker about a decade ago when she was doing a residency in Santa Fe. He mistook their sessions for something deeper and got carried away. So now, when she gets scared, she gets angry.

He offers his direct line, and she wonders if it's his move. She's joking.

He sits in the same direction which has them facing each other.

Jamie doesn't want to take drugs. He previously took drugs for depression and didn't like how he was on them.

He begins making out with her, and she says it's manipulative. They have sex, so she was manipulated.

At the dinner, Jamie triggered Nick, who went to another customer's table and stuck their cell phones into their water glasses. Be real. He takes the steak knife and makes Jamie plunge it through his hand.

Jamie crumbles after sex.

Ambrose arrives with the post digger.

Jamie has no time to allow the shocks to reverberate with the baby on the way. Ambrose manages to connect with him in a way Jamie can't get elsewhere.

At school, Jamie is with Emma's parents because they don't like the letter she wrote. She wrote that she was depressed, and the dad wants a new letter about how terrific Emma is. While dad is droning, Jamie imagines Nick stabbing the dad through the hand.

Ambrose is looking at the security footage of Jamie and Nick from the night of the stabbing. Nick is climbing onto the ledge of the building.

While painting, Sonya recalls seeing Jamie on her property and heads out for a walk in the woods.

In the woods, she finds a shovel with a jacket over it before a freshly dug grave.

Ambrose calls in a forensics team.

Inside the jacket is the paper finger game with colors leading to arrows.

When Jamie gets home, Leela has been on the phone trying to find him wondering if he's dead.

Leela is freaking out. They need to be a team to get through the next phase of their life, and Jamie is completely checked out. He's scaring her.

Jamie wonders if he's just supposed to snap out of it and fit back into his mold.

Jamie says he has no idea about the grave. Jamie was trying to help Nick. He's unstable and acts out. But Nick keeps roping him into impossible situations. He's capable of anything.

Jamie and Nick were standing on top of the building on the ledge. Nick says Jamie missed it. Admit it. He couldn't take it the last time. How does he know Jamie won't bail on his this time?

Jamie goes to the hospital to see the old man. The old man calls him Billy. This time, Jamie arrives with whiskey for the old fella.

There is a cop ono Ambrose's porch. He relieves her.

Jamie watches the old man while imagining Nick with his car stereo putting on music.

Jamie caresses the old man's face. He's going to kill him.

Jamie tries to strangle him to death, but the old fella pushes Jamie away. Jamie heads out of the hospital, breathing heavily, looking at his hands. They were going there to kill her! Oooh. They're killers.

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The Sinner Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Phones, emails. That's no way to communicate. But when someone reaches out after... 18 years? After totally cutting you out? You want to look them in the eye when they try to explain themselves.


Strange, isn't it? That some letter should determine your fate.