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Jamie is playing with the stove while remembering digging the hole to the grave.

He apologizes to Leela. He knows he's not easy to be with right now, but he's just trying to figure things out.

Jamie wonders if she believes in God. He wants to, but it seems like the mystery is killing him, especially since they're bringing a child into the world, one that they have to eventually tell will die one day.

Did they have the baby to make themselves feel better? Are they just kicking the can down the road?

Leela isn't impressed. She thinks he's speaking from a place of privilege. That doesn't settle well with Jamie.

Ambrose slept on Sonya's porch. She's happy to have the security.

She's even painted Tom from the gas station. And no, Nick and Jamie didn't pose for her.

Just because Jamie was in the car doesn't mean his motives were aligned with Nick's.

Ambrose needs to find the connection between the men and Sonya. Why doesn't she have security? Even with her paintings which sell very well.

Jamie decides to sit across from the guy who parked in two spots at the train station. He practically burns the skin off of the guys face with the force of his eyes.

Ambrose found some dirt in Jamie's past about attacking his roommate.

Jamie needs to talk to his student, who turned him into her parents. Off-campus.

Jamie's old roommate wonders if Jamie will find out about their conversation. Junior year, Jamie changed entirely when he started hanging out with Nick. He'd look at the guy sometimes like he hated him.

He found him one morning, staring at his hands. He almost seemed too alive, the guy says. One day, he touched Jamie on the shoulder only to get attacked, including a lava lamp on the head. He'll happily testify against Jamie's character if Ambrose needs it.

Jamie knows that Emma is taking Adderall. He thinks she's making a big mistake going to Brown, but killing herself to make good grades will kill her. It's a dead end. He was wrong in pushing her to conform.

Jamie has watched Emma being unhappy for three years. She thinks she's going to get somewhere and will arrive, but he's done it, and you never get there.

Emma is practically in tears when Jamie pulls himself together and leaves the conversation.

On the street, he remembers Nick digging the grave. On the street, it's pouring down rain as he contemplates stepping in front of a bus. It gets so close to practically blow him backward.

Leela calls.

While painting, Sonya hears a noise. Tapping. It forces her to smash her glass to the ground before she recognizes a branch tapping against her window.

Sonya looks up Jamie online. That devastatingly handsome face with the clear blue eyes.

Leela is in the early stages of labor. He's happy.

Brian has been there all afternoon, and she'd like him to stay. A midwife and Brian help Leela through the contractions. She's having the baby at home.

Ambrose gets the photos from Daniel, Jamie's college roommate. In one of the photos, he's holding a length of rubber tubing.

Throughout the labor, all Jamie thinks about is digging that grave.

While Nick digs, Jamie grasps a section of that rubber tubing.

They have a son.

The more security Ambrose suggests for Sonya, the more unsafe she feels. Which is interesting in light of the article I recently read on The Washington Post.

Sonya and Ambrose are flirting now.

Jamie cannot sleep. What if something happens and he stops breathing?

While sitting at his son's crib side, Jamie imagines Nick in the rocking chair, banging it against the wall. Nick is everywhere. Jamie cannot escape him.

Ambrose gets the package with his dad's possessions and pops it under his desk.

Jamie's DNA matches those found at the gravesite.

Brian is always there, even after Jamie returns from shopping. The guy is a little overbearing.

The pressure is starting to get to Jamie. Ambrose sits outside of his house and later approaches while Jamie is sitting outside.

Ambrose tells Jamie he can stop lying now. He knows he lied about the grave. He also reveals what he learned about college.

Ambrose lays the entire case in front of Jamie. He shows his hand. He says Jamie is facing manslaughter. Jamie wonders about the evidence against him. There is none.

Ambrose thinks Jamie should accept the help he's offered. Confess. Jamie isn't going to do that.

Sonya is at the train station photographing Jamie.

Ambrose visits with a college professor who recalls Nick very well, but not Jamie. He's asking about Ubermensch, the word carved into the wall in the college photos.

If the ubermensch rises to the challenge, you become your own man and discover the truth of existence. You also fall prey to elitism, belief in one's self-created superiority. Hitler used Nietzche to justify the Holocaust. If you gaze long enough into the abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.

Emma's parents want to take something before the board. He encouraged her to think independently. That doesn't go well.

Jamie tells his boss to fuck off.

Nick continues to plague Jamie. He imagines Nick asking for the baby because the baby needs to learn.

Nick takes the baby and crunches him into a tiny ball. Jamie falls to the ground in terror. When Leela arrives, he begs her to take him.

Ambrose's boss didn't even know that Ambrose lost his dad.

Jamie visits Ambrose at the station. Jamie is in a terrible state. Ambrose wonders if anyone is hurt. Jamie can only talk with Ambrose. He wants his help. But he needs to tell Ambrose what's going on.

Ambrose decides to escort Jamie for a consult at the hospital.

Jamie feels like Nick infected him. The look on Ambrose's face in response to that is absolutely hilarious. It's the ultimate side-eye.

Ambrose tells the orderly they need security and contain Jamie as he's a threat to himself and others. When the guards come into the hallway, Jamie begins to panic. But when his name is called, he walks to the doctor.

Jamie wants Ambrose to stay while they have the appointment. Jamie's behavior is hardly such that anyone would let him out the door once he arrived.

He has a feeling all the time like he's trapped. Like there is a big thing looming over him, and only he can see it. What's looming is the fact that they're alive and are going to die.

Ambrose steps in when he worries the doctor could suspect schizophrenia. Jamie cannot kill himself because if he does that, he's just avoiding pain.

When the doctor asks if he can control his impulses, Jamie says it's a stupid question because the answer is always yes until it's no.

Jamie cannot believe that Ambrose set him up to possibly get locked away without his consent. The way Jamie has imagined hurting someone, as he tells the doctor, is that he could drop the baby.

But now, Jamie no longer trusts Ambrose. He bolts.

Ambrose wants an emergency warrant on Jamie's cell phone and people posted at Sonya's house. Jamie's out there. He's gonna do something. They have to find him.

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Sonya: Oh, you've been researching me.
Ambrose: I'm working a case.

So I don't get to have a moment because I'm white?