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Jamie arrives at school, I think and tosses a rock into the trash along with some of his clothes because he's covered in blood.

If Jamie hadn't crossed the line before, he certainly has now.

He works diligently in the bathroom to clean away the blood before driving to the river and tossing in the bag. Which seems foolhardy.

At home, the baby is crying, but Jamie is nowhere to be seen, and his wife isn't pleased. But when she goes downstairs, she finds him with the baby.

Jamie shares visiting with Ambrose and going to see a therapist. He needed to figure stuff out on his own and not make them worse for her.

She wants to know if he was with the detective all night. Yes, and Harry listened to him process it.

He promised Leela he's going to get help and will get better. They'll get their lives back to the way they were. LIAR!!

She touches the side of his head and finds blood on the side of his ear. He blames a mosquito bite.

Meanwhile, Harry is at the medium's house. Everyone is getting swabbed.

Harry calls Jamie. He wants to be called immediately.

Harry is certain Jamie killed the medium. Harry admits to his partner that he took a pain pill and it knocked him out cold.

The warrant didn't come through, so anything he found isn't good anyway. Harry assures his coworker that he can look out for himself even though the other guy knows that getting overly invested means he starts making bad choices.

Jamie calls Harry. As he waits for the man, he recalls the previous night, sneaking out of the house and back to the party.

He spies the medium in the backyard. Jamie really wants to find out what he saw even though the guy says he's really fried.

Ambrose arrives to find Jamie in a bad state.

Jamie pretty much admits to Ambrose that he killed Kyle the medium. It's just a moment, Jamie says. It's not him. It's not who he is.

Ambrose wants Jamie to turn himself in. Jamie won't face things. He doesn't think that Ambrose will turn him in. Then Ambrose offers to help.

If he turns himself in, Ambrose will keep the cameras away. The conversation doesn't go in the direction Jamie expected. He drives away.

Hipster House Homicide is the headline of the post.

Jamie finds his student in the hallway. They're not allowed to interact. She keeps thinking about what he said, and she begins to babble. But now he says to forget everything he said and attend college. he doesn't know anything anymore.

Sonya, meanwhile, is looking at her surveillance photos when Ambrose arrives.

He's there to assure her that she wasn't a target. She was a random, unlucky potential victim. He thinks that means she can rest easy. She doesn't seem interested in doing that and wonders what Harry did with him all night.

When he says he took Jamie to a party in Brooklyn, she wonders if it was the one in which someone was killed. She's got his number.

Not worrying doesn't seem like the right path.

Eli is coming up for the weekend, which seems like bad timing.

Jamie is teaching a class when he's told a detective is there to see him. It's a woman, which surprises Jamie.

Sophie Greenfield told them they were at the party together. He plays dumb.

He says he went to the party alone, but Sophie noted he was there with a detective. Jamie can't explain his presence or how they know each other.

It's time to take his DNA. Totally routine.

Sonya visits Leela's shop. Weirdly, she says who she is and tells Leela that Jamie had the accident on her property. She wonders if everything is back to normal.

Sonya is shocked that Leela really doesn't know anything about what was going down on the property.

Ambrose is in a lot of trouble. He speaks with the detective and shares what he knows. He shares with her what he's found, including a lot of footage. Ambrose doesn't want to wait. Jamie is going to kill someone else.

He's way too close to the situation.

At home, Jamie gets confronted by Leela. At her side is her gay BFF, Brian. Sonya told her about the grave. Jamie assures Leela that he had no idea about the grave. What about the party two nights ago?

Brian interjects, and Jamie lays into him. Leela can't sleep with Jamie in the house. She needs him to go.

Jamie is at the Haven Residence Hotels taking a shower when he next recalls what happened with the medium.

It's all confidential, right? Yes, Kyle has heard all kinds of things. The spirit is still there. There is something unfinished. He doesn't want Jamie to be afraid anymore. He's hovering over him like a protector.

Jamie was so afraid because he feels like he's going to lose everything.

Sonya visits Ambrose to apologize. She realizes he's only being kind and protective.

Harry is shocked to hear what happened with Leela. Sonya is trying to get back some control, but she's still very unsettled.

She thinks he can relate since Jamie has really gotten under his skin, too. When Ambrose says it's just his job, Sonya calls him out on it. The case just requires him to deliver her baked goods, too?

She says hides under his detective badge like a turtle when it suits him.

Ambrose waffles around his response to her, so she gets up to leave, and they stumble into a kiss.

Jamie is asked to take his paternity leave now as he's become a distraction for the faculty and detectives.

The optics aren't exactly ideal. But Jamie keeps proclaiming his innocence. He's not moving because he's been teaching at this school for ten years.

Just after the meeting, he gets a call from Detective Jones again. She needs to ask a few more questions.

Ambrose walks into his precinct to see Jones talking with Jamie. Jamie says he never left the house again after he got home. That's when Jones presents him with the evidence. After 4 am, he's at the school, and later, he's leaving with a plastic bag. She's not buying his story at all.

Jones lays out the amount of evidence that's piling against him and wants him to tell her what really happened. He's so going to turn on Harry. OMG.

He decides to call a lawyer instead. She tries to talk him out of lawyering up.

Ambrose is outside, crawling out of his skin. His daughter calls to double-check about the weekend. Eli is on the way already when Ambrose tries to get out of it.

Ambrose made so many wrong moves, including warning her prime suspect. She thinks he's covering a crime for Jamie. She doesn't have a murder weapon. All she has is him playing both sides.

He is trying to get a confession because he's the only person who has a relationship with Jamie. That lands really well.

Jamie is inside the conference room, hearing all of the screaming through the closed doors.

Ambrose is on modified duty effective immediately for taking the law into his own hands.

Jamie walks out of the conference room and locks eyes with Ambrose.

Ambrose gathers Eli while Jamie remembers more about the chat with the medium.

Nick was nodding to keep going. He already knows where to go. Kyle keeps seeing a phone. He needs to follow through because you're almost there. Nick wants him to look death in the face. He just has to do it because... and Kyle stops. He can't tell him because it's fucked up. Jamie wanted to know so badly that he smashed his head in with a geode.

Eli asks about Karl Ambrose when he sees the box of his belongings.

While washing dishes, Harry hears Eli laughing. The door is open. Jamie is there giggling with Eli in the front yard.

Jamie has nowhere to go, so he's looking at Ambrose. He's not enjoying what he's seeing, but he also plays Ambrose into attacking him, which Eli witnesses.

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The Sinner Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Jamie: If I turn myself in, my life is over. It's over. I am not crazy. I'm not out of control. Now, you said you understood how I feel. What if I was your brother? You'd be helpin' me out of this.
Ambrose: I'd be saying the exact same thing. There's no way around it. A confession right now will reduce your sentence. If you wait, it's gonna get worse.
Jamie: They'll just put me away. I am not a lost cause. Help me. I'm gonna get my life back.

Harry: What happened last night?
Jamie: I fucked up. I really fucked up.