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Jamie is still teaching, but his students are no longer engaged.

Bill is trying to reach Leela to explain what happened, but he's having no luck.

Leela is talking with Ambrose. She needs to know what Jamie did if he did it. Was it an accident?

It sure doesn't seem like it with seven blows to the victim's head and face.

She's known him for 15 years and cannot make the pieces fit. Jamie has never shown a temper of any kind and had no traumatic childhood experiences that she knows of.

Jamie did get beat up by a friend when he was little, but they made up, and Jamie kept photos of the guy.

Jamie's mom died when he was young, and his dad is absent. But Jamie doesn't get angry. He blames himself.

Two years ago, when Jamie was depressed, Leela had an affair. When she told him, he just wanted to know what he did. He never got angry once.

Ambrose's captain is angry. It's 11 am, and he's supposed to be at his desk at 9 am and stay there.

The coworker apologizes for following protocol and protecting Ambrose. He needed to pull Ambrose out.

Jamie looks at himself in the mirror and recalls college. Jamie wonders about God and if two people having conversation generate God through their discussion.

Nick sits across from him. The idea of an all-powerful god is a human creation, and a man generates his presence. Deep!

Jamie and Nick bond over the moment.

Ambrose is at Sonya's. She feels bad that Leela woke up after all of those years without knowing who her husband is. Ambrose redirects. She knows she has to stop thinking about Jamie Burns.

They're in a full-fledged relationship now. And Jamie knows because he's watching outside her window.

Over Thanksgiving break, the two boys grow closer while reading about God and such. Nick brings up the ubermensch and carves it into Jamie's headboard.

Sonya is drawing Jamie when he wanders into her yard. She sees him in her security system. She's floored.

He opens the sliding glass door and walks into her studio.

She takes her gun and asks him what he wants. He wonders why she's stalking his wife and fucking the detective that's after her.

He spots a photo of himself on her desk.

He sees it all. She says she wanted to see him. Really see him. She realizes it wasn't the right way, but she couldn't help herself.

She's been trying to paint him, but with him, it's difficult to know how. He thinks it's because she's not in control. For some reason, that makes her drop her gun.

She asks if she can photograph him after he asks if the photos are part of her process.

He wonders how long she's been seeing Harry and what Harry says about him. As Jamie advances on Sonya, she keeps shooting. Then he strips when she asks him to. WTF? She wants to get closer. He dares her to try. She's right in his face.

Leela meets Jamie out by the water. She needs to know what happened. He's always felt this way. Nick just gave him the words for it.

Like they're all living the wrong way, and nobody seems to care.

Jamie admits to Leela that he did it. It was just a moment. The guy was helping him, and then he turned on Jamie, so he couldn't control what came over him. He wants help. He needs Leela.

He keeps saying it's still him, but I have to wonder if that's what scares her.

Ambrose goes to Sonya's again with Jamie's possessions in tow. Now Ambrose is entirely in the dark from all directions.

It's the lack of a consistent trigger that is driving Ambrose nuts. Sonya wonders if it's not one thing but a million little things that make the dam break. She thinks he wants to be seen. Men want intimacy, just like everyone else. They yearn for it despite the cultural expectation that's traumatizing.

Jamie isn't supposed to be proctoring the AP exam as he is. The dean emailed him the night before that he wouldn't be doing it. That girl he likes is shaking like a leaf.

Emma drops to the ground with a seizure. She took Adderall. A lot.

Nick and Jamie are in college, playing the stand on the edge of the bridge game. Jamie doesn't want to do it. But we know they live, so no biggie.

Nick wants them to jump. Damn. Nick pulls out the finger game. Their mutual fate is to jump from the notch. Nick jumps. Jamie cries and falls to his knees.

Jamie apologizes to Emma because he hasn't been there for her. They have to be there for each other because most people don't understand. Her mother walks in and tells Jamie to go.

Ambrose's daughter told him about the incident. She wonders why he punched Jamie. Eli liked what Ambrose did. He's been acting it out over and over. Now Ambrose doesn't get to see his grandson anymore.

Ambrose is on his own for Thanksgiving.

Ambrose calls Jamie to apologize for their fight. They need to talk.

Jamie is at a silent auction. The cop is there, as is Leela.

Leela is manning a table for her business. Someone wants to invest. Jamie inserts himself into the conversation. It's a highly volatile situation.

He's a psychopath.

People are staring at them. Brian wanders over. Jamie asks him to give it a break. The situation goes from slightly tense to over the top intense.

The cop interferes. Walk toward the door. Disorderly conduct, perhaps?

The guy diffuses the situation pretty well, actually.

Jamie self-combusts, screaming and hollering in the hallway, smashing chair against the wall.

In college, Jamie is punishing himself because he didn't jump. He thinks he's just like his dad and hates it.

Nick said, don't you get it? You're supposed to be scared. When you're born, you sign a contract. You are immune to nothing, can die at any moment, and will lose it all.

You jump because it's terrifying. You jump because you want to live, Nick says.

Let's go right now. It's pouring down rain. Maybe the water swelled. Instead, it's pitch black, and he can't see anything. Nick says it's his moment. This is where he decides whether he's got it.

Jamie does it. Turns folds his arms and steps off of the ledge.

Cop reports to Ambrose what he witnessed. He finally knows what Ambrose saw and believes Jamie is on the edge.

The cop thinks it's all because Jamie has no faith, no higher power.

Someone is waiting for Ambrose at the school.

Leela finds one of the cloths that Jamie used to wipe the blood from his ear, and she seals it in a plastic bag.

Ambrose is glad Jamie wanted to talk. He's heard about his rough night.

Jamie knows that Ambrose was scared the other night, but he didn't want to admit it, so being angry is the best way.

Jamie has been trying to fight what's happening. But Nick said he had to accept the fear and embrace it because that's when something new opens up.

Jamie knows that Ambrose is just like him. He needs to step into the abyss to find some kind of relief. Jamie wants to show Ambrose. It won't be easy for either of them, but it's the only way he can really understand.

Jamie takes Ambrose out into the woods. The prickly pear thing is by TS Eliot. About fear, Jamie thinks. It's about fear. The one thing that you circle over and over but never get close.

Jamie is showing Ambrose the grave. Ultimately, he wants Ambrose down there. He gives Ambrose his confession. The thinking is that if he leaves Ambrose down there, he'll get dug up with the confession. If Jamie digs him up, Ambrose has to burn it.

Ambrose decides to play along. It's tails. Jamie buries Ambrose.

Jamie didn't close the gap over Harry's eyes, so he's dumping dirt right into them. Harry looks at his phone. No service. Jamie has Ambrose completely buried. And then he pulls the tubing from the hole.

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The Sinner Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Nick: Can God create a rock he can't lift?
Professor: Thomas Aquinas is not on the syllabus for this class.
Nick: Can you answer the question?
Professor: Mr. Haas...
Nick: If you answer yes, then there exists a rock in the world that God can't lift. Ergo, he's not all-powerful. Answer no, and he can't create such a rock, again, not all-powerful. So, the very idea of an all-powerful god is a human creation and a flawed one, at that.

Professor: Man is so infinitely different from God he can only communicate with God indirectly.
Jamie: What about the potential to actually encounter God.
Professor: Not sure what you're getting at.
Jamie: [reading] When two people relate to each other authentically and humanly, God is the electricity that surges between them.