Niles - The Son Season 1 Episode 10
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The Sheriff investigates a fire at Niles' saloons. Louis gives testimony. Eli and Phineas arrive on the scene.  Eli holds court in front of the men and talks to them about the war between them and the Mexicans. He feeds into their fears. He throws the Garcias under the bus even as he commends them for helping save his ranch. He riles the men up to head over to the Garcia ranch to confront them about the fire.

Pete bangs on the Garcias door demanding to talk to Pedro about the danger the Garcias are in. Pete tells Pedro about the oil. Outside the door Maria's family is giving her grief for Pete coming in the middle of the night. 

Pedro comes out of the office to tell his family what is going on. He demands everyone grab their rifles. Pete urges everyone to leave, but Pedro wants to stay and fight. Maria is concerned that Pete is warning them on behalf of his father. He convinces them he's not.

Young Eli is heading back to camp. He comes across Ingrid who thinks he's there to save her. He says he's not.

Young Eli goes into the camp. Toshaway is surprised but happy to see him. The first thing Eli wants to see is Prairie Flower. He knows she got married. He's not happy. Toshaway tries to calm the situation down. Later, the elders talk about the situation and Charges the Enemy's betrayal. The elders decide to make young Eli a Comanche and give Toshaway four horses.  Young Eli must respect the marriage now. Eli does, but he's extremely angry.

Toshaway warns Eli he cannot kill Charges the Enemy. It's against the rules of the Comanche.

Pedro is getting his guns and himself ready. Eli and the rest of the men arrive at Garcias ranch.

Eli and Pedro talk.  The Sheriff urges Pedro to surrender but he refuses. He tells them this town is his home and has lived here for more than two centuries. He challenges them all and calls them all intruders. Then he tells Eli how he feels about his betrayal.

Pete comes out of the house and Eli urges him to come with him but Pete tells them the truth. Eli plays it off like Pete has mental problems. Pete continues. No one believes him. Niles is not happy at all and he riles the men up even more.

Phineas tries to calm Louis down because he's pretty trigger happy. Eli tries to convince Pete once again to come to his side. Pete refuses and Louis can't control himself and starts shooting, hitting Pedro in the gut. A gunfight ensues.

Eli is trapped behind a tree trying to tell everyone to stop shooting because Pete is in there, but the shooting continues. Pete takes Pedro inside and starts shooting back. He promises Maria's mom that he will take care of Maria.

Upstairs Ignacio is shot and killed and she runs to him and finds her sister dead too. The baby is still alive. Pedro's wife is killed. He's holding her. Pedro's whole world has just collapsed.

The shooting has stopped. Phineas assists Eli who's is worried if Pete is alive. They go inside the Garcias house.

Young Eli watches Prairie Flower and he prepares for hunting. Toshaway talks with young Eli as they walk to find food. Rangers arrive shooting away. The Indians run fighting back.  Toshaway sends Eli to get the horses.

Charges the Enemy has been shot and is being shot some more by a ranger just to make him suffer. The Ranger is going to scalp Charges the Enemy but Eli shoots the Ranger with a bow and arrow. As Charges lay dying he gives Eli a talisman. He dies and Eli questions the Ranger then scalps him. His first scalp. Toshaway sees the whole thing and commends him for good work.

Pedro is in his office waiting. The Sheriff fins him and Pedro kills him before being shot and killed himself by two other men.

Pete is trying to find Maria to take her to safety. He finds her in an upstairs closet. The baby has been killed as well. She's very frightened. He tells her they need to leave immediately. He takes her out the back. 

Phineas comes upon Louis who is vomiting from all the excitement and shoots him. Then he sees Pete and Maria running. He lets them go and the head to the border.

Phineas explains to Sally and the kids what happened. He basically lies about the situation. Sally has a hard time believing the story. The kids want to know where Pete is, but Phineas has no answers. Eli says they are looking for him.

While Phineas and Eli are in the kitchen, Sally comes in demanding to know where Pete is. She knows everything they told them earlier was a lie. Eli leaves and Phineas tells her Pete ran off with Maria, but also includes that Pete hasn't been well for a long time.

She's understandably upset.

Neptune and Eli show up at the Garcia ranch to set it on fire. Eli leaves his talisman on the desk as the house burns.

Back in the judge's office there is an auction for Pedro's land. The only people present are Phineas and Eli who purchase the property. Eli acquires the Garcias land.

Young Eli is working Prairie Flower.

Jeannie goes to the cemetery with Eli and places flowers on the Garcias' graves before watching the sunset.

Young Eli is on the ridge with Toshaway looking at settlers and tells him they won't stop coming.





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The Son Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Most of you have known me a long time. You know I'm a patient man. I'm a deliberate man. I'm a fair man.


Ingrid: Why are you here? You could have run.
Young Eli: I belong here.