Toshaway - The Son Season 1 Episode 3
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Eli and Phineas are in Austin to talk with the bankers about investing in their ranch. Things aren't going well with the meeting. The bankers don't want to invest in the property because they don't believe there's any oil on the land.

Eli has a fantasy of scalping the banker for denying him the money. 

Jeannie is in the cabin where Cesar was held when Sally finds her. She wants to know what happens when people die.

Maria confronts Pete about Cesar's disappearance.

A seditionist visits Pedro. They talk in Pedro's office about Cesar and the fight for sedition. He's not happy they brought the McCulloughs into the middle fo the fight. The seditionists want money to stay away from the McCulloughs.

Toshaway tells young Eli he is going to be trained as a warrior. He's not doing very well and he's given a name by the other warriors - Pathetic White Boy.

Prairie Flower visits Eli and tells him Charges the Enemy wants to marry her, but she wants to be with him.

Eli visits Prairie Flower as an adult and they have sex.

Sally asks Pete if he's alright. She wants to know if something's going on. Pete leaves and goes for a drink on the porch when Tom visits with him. They talk about how many seditiionists are buried in the fields. Pete's only killed two.

Prairie Flower leaves Eli's tipi. Charges the Enemy sees her leaving. More training young Eli. 

Eli talks with the woman about having to sell the ranch and more.

Old Eli has a dream he is walking and talking with Toshaway.

the seditionists are putting Pedro's tools in their trucks. Maria questions her father and isn't happy with what they  might be planning. Pedro tells her it's all to protect their family and ranch.

Phineas talks with Eli about selling some property.

Pet is digging up Cesar when someone approaches. It's Sally.  She tries to stop him from removing the body. He wants to make it right. He wants to bring the body back to the Garcia family, but she stops him. along with Tom's help.

Tom moves the body.





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The Son Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Banker: Shall we get down to business?
Phineas: Now that you got us all lubricated.

Jeannie: Are we good?
Sally: Of course we are. We're McCulloughs.