Phineas and Sally - The Son Season 1 Episode 7
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Sally wants Pete to bring the kids to Austin. He says he doesn't have time. They have an argument.

Pete learns about Ramon and questions Charles.

Pete is talking to Eli about what happened and how to deal with the situation. Eli wants Pete to get Charles out of town for a while. Pete gets ready to go to Austin. Jeannie doesn't want to go. She knows something's up. The family leaves for Austin.

Ingrid slashes her wrists by the river. The Indians come to get her. She survives and is being tended to by young Eli. She's definitely not happy to be alive. He promises to look after her, but she still wants to die. He tells her he'll marry her if no one else wants her. Prairie Flower doesn't look too happy seeing young Eli talking.

Maria is in town pulling down flyers about a rally when Niles Gilbert comes up. He accuses her of destroying property. She accuses him of killing Ramon. They continue their pissing contest before she and her brother are surrounded by other white friends of Niles'. She doesn't back down. Maria and Ignacio leave.

Phineas visits Sally. She tells him that she and Pete aren't doing well and he invites her to dinner. 

Prairie Flower beats up young Eli for talking to "dirty hair." She wants her dead and explains that Charges the Enemy continues to get gifts for Prairie Flower's father.

Toshaway talks to young Eli about how to win Prairie Flower's hand in marriage. 

Young Eli tells Dirty Hair that he belongs to Prairie Flower and shoos her away. She's upset. Charges the Enemy sees when Prairie Flower sits with young Eli.

Eli takes a stack of money out of the safe and leaves in the car.

Sally and Phineas leave the restaurant. She wants to continue the night and asks him to take her to one of the speakeasy bars he frequents. He takes to a gay bar where men are kissing each other and women are flirting with each other. Sally is trying to keep a brave face, but she is clearly uncomfortable and out of her league.

Sally is so stupid pretending her and Phineas are from out of town in NY. He pretends they are married. A friend of Phineas comes up to them to talk. His name is Fred. It's completely silly but cute. Sally realizes later that Fred and Phineas know each other and she's happy for him.

Maria is talking with her mother about getting married again. She wants to set Maria up but Maria isn't interested.

Pete and the kids arrive in Austin and greet Jonas. He sends Jeannie after Sally. Pete talks with Charles about Ramon and sends Jonas to bed.

Phineas and Sally come home. Pete tells Sally what happened with Ramon. She's not happy. Charles finds a gun when Phineas catches him and tells him the story about the gun. It was a gift from Pete.

Sally and Pete have a long talk about their marriage. Pete encourages her and the kids to stay in Austin while he goes back to the ranch.

Pete goes into Jonas' room and gives Jeannie and Jonas a hug goodbye. he leaves back for the ranch. Phineas wants to go back with him, but Pete wants him to stay in Austin with Sally and the kids.

Pete comes home to an empty house since Eli is gone.  He sends the staff home because he wants to be alone. 

Young Eli is calling quail when Charges the Enemy threatens him about Prairie Flower. They hear horses and come upon a herd of wild horses. Charges the Enemy throws Eli off the ledge and challenges him to see how many he can get.

Pete is in the sitting room drinking when Maria visits. She tells him that she's not really a widow and has to leave to go back to her husband.

Pete kisses her and Maria pushes him away before going back to him. They undress each other and get it on in the sitting room. 



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The Son Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Pete: If you got something to tell me, try saying it plain.
Sally: I want my kids here with me. Is that plain enough for you?

Pete: You realize Charles is a monster we helped create.
Eli: You mean me.
Pete: I'm not pointing fingers.