Toodle-Fucking-Oo Picture
Watch The Sopranos Season 2 Episode 3
Original Air Date:

After spending ten years in prison, Jackie's brother, Richie Aprile gets out of jail and muscles his way into the family business.

Livia and Janice Picture
Watch The Sopranos Season 2 Episode 2
"Do Not Resuscitate"
Original Air Date:

Tony tries to settle a construction dispute by playing both sides; Uncle Junior is released from prison but is on house arrest.

Christopher and Adriana Pic
Watch The Sopranos Season 2 Episode 1
"Guy Walks Into a Psychiatrist's Office..."
Original Air Date:

Several months after season one, Tony assumes control of the DiMeo crime family; Pussy returns; Junior is in prison.

I Dream of Jeannie Cusamano Picture
Watch The Sopranos Season 1 Episode 13
"I Dream of Jeannie Cusamano"
Original Air Date:

Tony begins to retaliate for the hit against him and is shocked to learn Junior and Livia were behind it. Junior tries to hide, but is caught by the Feds first.

Isabella Picture
Watch The Sopranos Season 1 Episode 12
Original Air Date:

Tony becomes depressed over Big Pussy's disappearance, and increases his meds and only leaves the house to visit his beautiful neighbor.

Tony and Paulie
Watch The Sopranos Season 1 Episode 11
"Nobody Knows Anything"
Original Air Date:

Tony is shocked to learn Big Pussy might be a snitch and sends Paulie to investigate; Junior reaches the tipping point.

A Hit is a Hit Picture
Watch The Sopranos Season 1 Episode 10
"A Hit is a Hit"
Original Air Date:

Tony gets discourage when he tries making friends in the normal civilian world; Christopher and Adriana try their hand in the music industry.

Boca Picture
Watch The Sopranos Season 1 Episode 9
Original Air Date:

Tony and Silvio hatch a plan when they learn something disturbing about Meadow's soccer coach; Tony learns Junior's secret.

Tony and the FBI
Watch The Sopranos Season 1 Episode 8
"The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti"
Original Air Date:

The Sopranos crew begins to cleanup evidence when they learn some FBI indictments may surface and Christopher is upset to learn he wasn't named.

Down Neck Picture
Watch The Sopranos Season 1 Episode 7
"Down Neck"
Original Air Date:

A.J. gets suspended from school for drinking sacramental wine; Livia learns her son is going to therapy from A.J.

The Sopranos Quotes

Junior: A Chinaman goes to see the eye doctor. After the exam the doctor said, "I know why you're having trouble." The Chinaman says, "why?" Doctor said, "you have a cataract." Chinaman says, "no, I have a Rincoln Continental." (short pause) You don't get it?
Bobby: I get it. He drives a Lincoln Continental. What?

Paulie: You didn't go to hell. You went to purgatory, my friend.
Christopher: I forgot about purgatory.
Paulie: Purgatory--a little detour on the way to paradise.
Christopher: How long do you think we've got to stay there?
Paulie: That's different for everybody. You add up all your mortal sins and multiply that number by 50. Then you add up all your venial sins and multiply that by 25. You add that together and that's your sentence. I figure I'm gonna have to do 6,000 years before I get accepted into heaven and 6,000 years is nothin' in eternity terms. I can do that standing on my head. It's like a couple of days here.