The Second-Hand Man and His Sweet Buns - The Stand
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Julie is chatting with Dayna, who is a welder in New Vegas.

She wants to know why Dayna is asking questions about Flagg. Julie is paired up with Lloyd. He is, indeed, Flagg's right-hand man. Flagg is intrigued by her questions, so Lloyd is intrigued, too.

Flagg wants Lloyd and Julie to show Dayna a good time. They're at the Hoover Dam.

Vegas is lit up.

Tom Cullen is introducing himself to people in his usual way. When someone wants to toss him in the slave cages, someone else reminds him of Flagg's rule that anyone who comes here willingly is a citizen and gets something to do.

Tom Jones music is filling the casino. Lloyd calls Julie sweet buns, and she calls him daddy.

All the baddies think it's like heaven. There is debauchery all over, and someone is carving up a body with a chainsaw in an empty pool. Dayna is disgusted.

Stu is trying to find Wiseack. Harold listens while recalling what he did to his friend. Damn, that kid is skinny as hell.

Stu and Larry find Wiseack, who Larry thinks committed suicide. Given the man who came in sharing news of the devil on the way, Larry believes it. Stu thinks it's easy to imagine everything is connected.

Up walks Harold looking for information. At least, he's upset. He thinks Wiseack took the coward's way out, but he also says that Wiseack was thinking of opening the old drive-in, and maybe he should take that on to bring the community together.

Mother Abigail is yelling at Nick. Why didn't they wait? Flagg can see what they've done. She's questioning what God said about Nick being her voice. When the Israelites sent spies, it bought them 40 years in the desert. Now they have to see what this wrought.

Julie and Lloyd are having sex. It appears that they want Dayna to have a threesome. She steals a pair of scissors before grabbing the whip and joining the couple on the bed.

Julie talks about Flagg, which sends Lloyd into a tailspin. Threesome over.

They're going shopping instead.

Kiss Lick It Up is the latest song blaring.

The crowd acknowledges some VIPs in the crowd. Lloyd, covered in coke, is thrilled that they're talking about him.

It's time for the main event. Randall appears to the crowd through a video screen. He seems to look at Dayna directly and acknowledge her with a wink.

He's filthy. Why? Why is filth evil?

Nadine is having sex dreams about Flagg. Or something. Yep. Sex dreams. She's pissed that he gave her to Harold. Au contraire, he says. He gave her a purpose. They're in this together, always, since she was 12.

Harold still wishes that Nadine didn't kill Wiseack. He would have listened to Harold. She's his friend, she says. He grabs her face with his hand angrily. She uses sexy talk to talk him down. Then she touches his package.

Frannie wants Larry to break into Harold's house and break into it. She's worried about Harold and thinks he might be planning something bad.

Larry thinks something is off about Harold. Always has. Frannie hasn't told Stu, calling it a conflict of interest since he's the night watch captain.

Nadine is looking for Joe, who appears to be lost in the rain.

Nadine finds him in Mother Abigail's house playing the piano. Mother Abigail apologizes since it's her fault. They've been talking with their minds.

Frannie is rushing around preparing dinner for Harold's visit. He brought flowers and wine. Frannie and Larry talk about the op, but as Larry begins to open the door, Nadine is there. She needs to talk to him.

She wants him to do something for her because he's the only person in the world she trusts. She throws herself at him, and he wonders why now? She says he wouldn't understand, and she can't explain, but she wants Larry to fuck her. He says she doesn't talk like that. He's bewildered.

She thinks he doesn't want her. He assures her that he does, but not this way. She's begging so that Flagg will let her go.

Larry finally makes it to Harold's place to investigate. There is a door he cannot open. Harold digs at Frannie. She never took him anywhere. She never even invited him. He's getting suspicious. Everyone loved Amy, especially his parents.

Frannie misses Amy. Harold is glad neither of his parents turned out immune since they would have had to go on without HER.

Harold takes his coat upstairs to use the restroom. At the same time, Larry is going upstairs in Harold's place.

Larry sees Tom Cruise's photo on Harold's mirror. His confidence booster. Harold is checking out all of the rooms. He sneaks up on Frannie in the dining room.

It's time for him to head out. She tries to get him to stay longer, only fueling his suspicion.

She looks like a 12-year-old. It's awkward.

When Mother Abigail tries to speak to God, she's met with Flagg's wolf growing into her face on the kitchen table.

Tom is cleaning up the mutilated bodies. Dayna wants to meet him. She tells him that she lost her bracelet. Her MOTHER gave it to him. She uses code words, it seems, to get information to him. She puts a note into his hands, almost crying when Lloyd and Julie return with news that Flagg wants to meet her. Meanwhile, Tom is reading RUN. M O O N means run.

They kick Dayna out of the elevator, seemingly knowing that she's not in for a pleasant time. She has her scissors in her palm.

He's drinking milk. He says he's been watching her for days, almost from the moment she left Boulder. No, he's not going to kill her. The world has experienced too much death. He says that people come to him to protect them from the Garvey's of the world. Garvey is the guy she killed.

Flagg wants to know who the third spy is. She likes that he's unable to see Tom. She uses his surprise to stab him in the neck. As if it will matter. He plays dead as she gets close.

It's a move he learned from his old lover, Konstantin Stanislavski. He wants to know the third. He turns his eyes red and screams at her. She continues to wield useless weapons until she uses one against herself.

Elvis plays.

Harold has put a camera in the teddy bear in Frannie and Stu's room. He's watching them make love when Rae calls. Mother Abigail has left them.


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The Stand Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

This place? You could be anything you want to be. It's just a question of motivation.


Lloyd: Dayna with a y! Come get some, sweet buns.
Julie: Where's my bitch?