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Our heroes head into the subway tunnels beneath the World Trade Center in search of the Master's nest.

Back at the pawnshop, young Zack struggles with Nora's mom. The old woman is longing for a smoke. He tells her if she waits in the basement he'll go get her a pack of cigarettes. Naturally, this little adventure is a terribly risky move. Eph would not approve.

Elsewhere, Gus is forced to take out his brother, Crispin, when he learns he's infected. He searches frantically for his mamí and finds her tucked away inside a closet. That's right Guadalupe's a strigoi too. Gus doesn't have it in him to release her though. A decision he'll no doubt come to regret.

After reaching a dead end, Setrakian and his friends discover a narrow passageway in the wall. They make it through and eventually find themselves surrounded by strigoi. The big guy himself drops in and threatens to take Eph's loved ones from him as he did years ago to Setrakian. Fet's UVC bomb lights up the room sending the Master scurrying off like a rat while his children burn. Setrakian insists they might not get another chance and leads our heroes to another hole in the wall. This time, they peek inside to find thousands of strigoi nesting on the other side.

The Strain
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The Strain Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

You and I are not assassins. Fet, that kill happy exterminator, this comic-con mission's his wet dream. And the old man's consumed by an ancient grudge. They have no plan B because they have have no one but themselves at risk.


Stay to the right. The third rail, I don't know if it's live down here but at 625 volts you don't want to find out.