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Dutch finds herself chained up in Eichhorst's feeding chamber.

The fiend enters with a hostage, the police officer that delivered her there. Eichhorst pours Schnapps down the man's gullet and then feeds on him. "Every once in a while I enjoy a human cocktail. It relaxes me" the villain says to her horror.  

Eichhorst informs Dutch that her scent reminds him of someone. In a series of flashbacks to Heidelberg, Germany 1931 we learn that Thomas longed for the love of a beautiful young woman he could not have.

Thomas was a door-to-door salesman, but lacked any true ambition. Regardless of that fact, Helga liked "Tommy" and thought he was destined for bigger things. She agreed to have dinner with him to his delight.

Elsewhere, Setrakian wakes bound to a chair and realizes Rudyard Fonescu is the person who knocked him out. Though he recounts the events of their encounter in Austria, Fonescu has other plans for the Lumen. He plans to sell it to the highest bidder.

While she packs the last of her things, Gus and Aanya discuss the future. The two make love in the attic, but it isn't long before the Gupta's are saying goodbye to their little restaurant. In exchange for their safety, Gus made a deal with Quinlan. He'll fight alongside the "born" once Aanya and her family are out of danger. Angel decides to stay behind and fight.

At the Mayfield Hotel, Fet and his friends discover the National Guard headquarters stationed out front. He leads Nora and Eph into the subway tunnels in an attempt to reach Dutch.

As Eichhorst prepares his pineapple seasoning, he recalls that dinner with Helga. Unfortunately, a Nazi soldier interrupted their date and his speech made sense to Thomas. Suddenly, his eyes seemed to shimmer with purpose. On their way home, Thomas spoke of the truth behind the man's words. "I'm a Jew. Is that how you see me? Am I a parasite or a leech?" Helga asked. Needless to say, the night did not end well.

Dutch refuses the pineapple, angering Eichhorst who leaves the room. When the strigoi returns to continue tormenting her, Dutch sprays him with the dead cop's pepper spray and escapes. She runs through the hotel, but comes across a dead end at every turn.

Meanwhile, Fet, Nora and Eph enter the building's stairwell. Dutch heads into the stairwell as well, only with Eichhorst in pursuit. Unfortunately, the abandoned section of the hotel does not connect to the section our heroes are in.

Dutch screams when Eichhorst finally catches up with her and Fet hears this. He uses dynamite to blow the wall and throws a silver grenade at Eichhorst who flees down the hall. Dutch is finally safe with her friends.

In a final flashback to 1935, we witness Thomas denying any relationship with Helga when questioned by the Nazi party. A while later, as he walks down the street he sees her hanging from a rope in the courtyard.

Fonescu meets with Alonso Creem, who looks at the Lumen and smiles. "I think we can do business" Creem says.

The Strain
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The Strain Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Your scent reminds me of a certain perfume that used to fill me not only with desire but despair, because I knew I could never possess the woman who wore it.


Dutch: What are you going to do to me?
Eichhorst: Everything.