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Captain Kowalski and his team raid a housing development. They come across the Feelers in the building. Several officers are infected, including Councilwoman Feraldo's nephew Mikey. Kelly waits nearby to comfort her wounded children.

Elsewhere, Eph goes to see a friend of Dutch's about a new identity. The man recognizes him instantly. "Okay, government ID will get you out of the city, but seeing as you're having your 15 minutes of fame you might want to change your appearance" Dale tells Eph. Nora insists she's staying behind and will look after Zack.

Eph shaves his head, leaves his brush and wedding ring behind and packs for Washington D.C.

Setrakian visits Alonzo Creem based on the recommendation of former business associates. The arms dealer tells the old man he might know someone that deals in religious iconography. Will he get his hands on the Lumen?

Dutch learns that Fet has been arrested for the tunnel incident. She and Nora meet with Councilwoman Feraldo, who agrees to release our favorite exterminator in exchange for Nora's knowledge of the virus. Captain Kowalski, down a couple of men, takes Fet and Dutch with him to finish clearing the apartment building. The captain learns a thing or two from the more experienced strigoi hunters in the process.

Eph manages to make his way past Homeland Security and several cops without incident. He boards his train to Washington D.C. Unfortunately his former boss at the CDC, Barnes, is also on this train. The two face off and when Barnes threatens to expose him, Eph throws him from the train. Once the train arrives, Dr. Goodweather clears security easily and walks into the city.

Councilwoman Feraldo asks Nora to take a look at her nephew. In a matter of minutes, the doctor realizes Mikey is infected. She gives Feraldo the bad news and goes to fetch some morphine. "I've been asking my people to be okay with this, but I can't even do it" Feraldo says. Nora completes the sad task and the young man flatlines.

Palmer and Coco are enjoying a quiet dinner, when a Cardinal approaches and informs him the Lumen might be turning up soon.

In an isolated New Jersey airport, a security team questions a plane's pilots about landing without clearance. They tell him their client was ill forcing them to land. When asked where this person was, the two men point towards the woods.

A car pulls up and picks up the cloaked man, who appears pale like a strigoi, then drives away.

The Strain
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The Strain Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Nora: Excuse me, I'm doctor Nora Martinez. I'm a biochemist with the CDC.
Feraldo: And?
Nora: You don't need to quarantine people for three days. I have a way of diagnosing people who are infected within one to two hours.
Feraldo: Yeah? How's that?
Nora: I'll show you, but first you have to do something for me.

Dale: Ephraim Goodweather from the news. So how's the fugitive life going?
Eph: Don't believe everything you see on TV.
Dale: I said I saw it. I never said I gave a shit. Okay, government ID will get you out of the city, but seeing as you're having your 15 minutes of fame you might want to change your appearance.