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In a building across the street from the Stoneheart offices, Dutch and Eph plan Palmer's demise. The hacker's brought along a device that will allow them to eavesdrop on him.

Elsewhere, the Mayor and Justine inform the public that her Safe Streets Initiative is coming to the Upper East Side. However, the Councilwoman drops the bomb that a 1% tax will be introduced. Red Hook's citizens fought for their lives, but the rich will fight with their wallets.

Setrakian, Fet and Nora begin their search for Fonescu; the owner of the Lumen. Nora has questions about the book's existence. "It is said to be cursed, bringing death and disaster to anyone who reads it. But I'm willing to take that risk" Abraham informs them.

At the first few address on their list, the vampire hunters only encounter strigoi.

Palmer pays Coco a little visit and manages to convince her to return to him.

Using her laser technology, Eph and Dutch listen in on Palmer's conversation. The Mayor arrives begging the billionaire for help with Justine's new plan. Palmer agrees to meet with the Councilwoman at 3:00 pm. The assassination is a go!

From a rooftop near the hotel, Eph targets Palmer when his cavalcade arrives. Unfortunately, Eph misses his mark and hits Coco. Police spot the snipers blocking their escape route. Eph and Dutch are ultimately caught and jailed.

Fet, Nora and Setrakian learn about the attempt on Palmer's life in a news report. While Setrakian insists their work is too important, Fet and Nora disagree and make their way to the police precinct. Abraham presses on without them.

Doctor's work to save Coco's life, but Palmer demands the Master save her. "You are demanding that the Master come here and release his own divine and invaluable essence, just so you can continue fornicating with your secretary" Eichhorst mocks him. He agrees to pass along the message.

It isn't long before the Master appears and gives Coco "the white," restoring her health. She wakes in time to catch a glimpse of the vampire, forcing Palmer to come clean about their twisted partnership.

At the precinct, Dutch is taken away and the room is cleared out. Palmer enters, confirming Eph's failure and the two discuss the Master. Eph plants a seed of doubt by asking Palmer why the vampire would share his kingdom with anyone. Once the old man leaves the strigoi attack, but Fet and Nora arrive in time to save Eph. The cop that caught the duo, Stevens, informs our heroes Dutch was taken to the Mayfield Hotel.

Setrakian arrives at the final address on his list. He finds the Lumen, but is knocked out.

Dutch wakes in Eichhorst's feeding chamber, as the creature begins to reel her in.

The Strain
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The Strain Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Say goodbye to eternal life you son of a bitch.


Nora: Has anyone actually ever seen this book?
Setrakian: Several people have seen it. None of them, however, are available to discuss it. There are strange stories of the book turning up in India. Burma. Always presaging massacres. Upheavals.
Nora: So if we find this, it might hurt us?
Setrakian: You're not wrong Dr. Martinez. In 1856, it was listed as part of an auction in Marseille. The auction was cancelled when a mysterious outbreak gripped the city. Since then the book has disappeared. It is said to be cursed, bringing death and disaster to anyone who reads it. But I'm willing to take that risk.