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In Ancient Rome, the Barbarian Gladiator takes on an opponent that never stood a chance.

Later, Senator Sertorius recognizes him as the "half-breed." When asked why he doesn't simply escape, the creature replies "I'm a student of human instinct and behavior. I find I learn best as their instrument."

In the present, Dutch decides she needs more than three outfits to wear, so she and Fet go back to her place. There, they discover her "roommate" Nikki hiding out. Of course, now that Fet and Dutch are an item he's instantly jealous of her ex. Then Dutch invites Nikki back to his apartment.

Palmer and Coco continue to grow closer, but he sends her off to fetch coffee when another employee arrives with news of Eph. Apparently, they've lost track of him but managed to contain the doctor's bio-weapon. By this time, Eph has already returned to New York.

Frustrated by Fet's romantic issues, Setrakian asks him to focus as they break into Palmer's new building. Inside they encounter Quinlan, who says "The Ancients gave me your name, professor Setrakian." He's impressed this mortal managed to wound the Master.

In a flashback to 1873, Quinlan is seen visiting Sardu's little Albanian town. He enters the giants castle only to find several strigoi instead of the Master himself. He comes across the wolf's head cane and dispatches the creatures with it.

Flash-forward to the present as the Feelers attack. Quinlan easily impresses the humans with his fighting skills. Setrakian and Fet look on in dumbfounded silence as Quinlan destroys every creature in the room. Though Setrakian wasn't aware of it, he had led Quinlan to the Master's new nesting place.

While Fet plants explosives, Quinlan comes face to face with his nemesis. "I have been expecting you. Welcome to the new world" the Master tells him. However, Quinlan's not impressed with his new form and mocks the Master saying it lacks intimidation.

Before the explosion separates the two foes, we learn the Master killed Quinlan's mother. Fet's blunder cost him precious time, as the Master will now gather reinforcements and prepare for battle. Quinlan decides to move forward on his own. Later that evening, Setrakian reads up on this mysterious creature who was once nicknamed "The Born." Yes, Quinlan is a Dhampir (half human/half strigoi).

Nora informs Eph that Kelly attacked them and that she appears to be one of the more sentient strigoi. When he sits down to chat with Zack, it seems the boy has accepted his mother's fate. Eph tells Nora that Palmer has been five steps ahead and killed his friends.

Eph and Fet share a drink a the bar across the street. When asked what the next step is, Eph tells Fet he's got to kill Palmer.

The Strain
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The Strain Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Quinlan: The Ancients gave me your name, professor Setrakian. I followed you here.
Setrakian: But who are you?
Quinlan: My name is Quinlan. And you and I have something very much in common.
Setrakian: What's that?
Quinlan: We are both hunting the Master.
Setrakian: You know the Ancients?
Fet: Who or what are the Ancients? What the hell is this guy?

Senator Sertorius: You bleed white yet you tolerate exposure to the sun. You are the half-breed. Birthed of human flesh and demon blood. Possessed of Godlike strength and agility. Why do you not escape?
Quinlan: I'm a student of human instinct and behavior. I find I learn best as their instrument.