Watch The Strain Season 1 Episode 12 online to see the Master heal Eldritch Palmer. We also learn the backstory of Setrakian's heart in a jar and Eichhorst attacks the pawn shop.

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Watch The Strain Season 1 Episode 12 online right now and right here at TV Fanatic. Eichhorst claims to be visiting Palmer to offer him his "Last Rites." The Master hasn't fulfilled his part of the bargain and Palmer is furious. Meanwhile, Dutch returns to the pawn shop with a win for the good guys. She's got a plan to use the Emergency Alert System to broadcast a warning about the vampiric plague to the nation. She's basically fooling the system into thinking her broadcast is the "this is only a test" test. Eph introduces himself and talks a bit about the disease spreading through New York City and possibly beyond. He goes on to display photographs of an autopsy he performed on one of the victims before the feed is cut off. Elsewhere, Gus pays Alonso Creem, the stolen car dealer, a visit. Creem's got guns, ammo and plenty of cash which Gus needs to fights these monsters. When a collegue of Creem's arrives with a bag full of cash and talking about some containers at the docks, Gus decides he wants to see what's inside. They open the containers to discover dozens of vamps. Luckily, the hooded strigoi soldier arrives in time to take the creature out and abduct Gus. What's he want with the gangbanger anyway? Back at the pawnshop, Eichhorst and his minions attack with Bolivar infecting Nora's mother. Fortunately, Setrakian has a secret passage through the meat locker. However, before leaving Nora finds the strength to release her mother. Witnessing this decapitation takes Setrakian back to Albania 1967, where after a failed attempt to kill the Master his wife was infected. That's right, the heart in the jar belongs to Miriam, Abraham's wife. In the present, with Eichhorst about to break into the basement Setrakian says his goodbyes to the heart. In the final moments of the episode the Master comes to Palmer, slices a finger open and pours a few drops of white blood into the old man's mouth. Though no worm was transferred, Palmer appears stronger and healed. Was he turned?

Episode Details

On The Strain Season 1 Episode 12, Dutch broadcasts Eph’s warning about the vampiric plague nationally. Elsewhere, Palmer is visited on his deathbed by the Master and Gus meets the hooded strigoi.

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The Strain
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The Strain Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Dutch: I brought you a plan.
Eph: We don't need any more plans. What we need is a win.
Dutch: Okay then, I brought you a win.

This Strain, this virus changes its host's body through a violent corruptive metamorphosis. You can see a bizarre growth emanating from the throat, forming a kind of stinger through which a worm parasite passes from the carrier to the victim.