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This week’s theme was “Happy Holidays,” and the guest mentor was Chef Naomi Pomeroy.

For the team challenge, Anthony asked his team to cook any holiday bird that isn’t turkey. Marcus had a similar idea, asking his team to cook “festive fowl.” Ludo asked his team for something more specific: duck with sauce.

Nigella took a risk, asking her team to cook a spiced holiday dessert.

Demonstrations from the mentors included innards, duck blood, and toasted hay.

The team with the best taste was Ludo’s Kitchen, with Dan offering up the dish to represent their team. The worst dish was from team Nigella, meaning Nigella had to choose yet another cook from her kitchen to send home.

Nigella chose to send home Mia, leaving P.K. to stand alone on Nigella’s team.

Because Ludo’s Kitchen was the winning team, they received a master class from Chef Naomi Pomerey, who demonstrated how to cook a roast.

For the individual challenge, the cooks were asked to create a holiday dish that represented their own traditions, past or present.

Natasha made a prime rib with balsamic wine reduction sauce, and Joe made a Kentucky Hot Brown with a modern spin. Jen also made a dish with prime rib, but only managed to complete three of her four spoons.

Gold stars were awarded to Tarik, Gabe, Tom, and Dan. Red stars were awarded to Tom, Jen, and Joe. The two cooks who ended up in the taste off were Jen and Joe. But which one was sent home?

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The Taste Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

I hope Santa puts some Thorazine in Ludo's stocking.


It was an orgasm victory to win against Marcus.