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The mentors meet with their teams before the team challenge tonight. Anthony tells Tom not to be overly complicated with his dishes, but instead to focus on preparing ingredients well.

The theme tonight is "Latin Night" and the guest judge this week is Javier Plascencia.

Ludo challenges his team to make Broth ceviche. Marcus's team makes Latin seafood. Anthony asks him team to do a riff on a taco.

Anthony demonstrates a beef cheek taco. It's worth mentioning that his team still has four cooks.

Ludo says he was close to winning last year, and he doesn't want to lose this year. Anthony is worried that Tom is using too many ingredients, and he is getting angry.

Ludo and Anthony are getting competitive, and Anthony even lies to Ludo about Eric's experience with Latin food. Ludo loses his temper, kicks and trash can, curses, and walks out.

Gabe says he isn't that familiar with Latin food.

Ludo's team is worried that Ludo isn't back in the kitchen. Eventually he comes back and is much calmer.

Vanessa represents with a tripe and short rib taco. Ben represents Team Ludo with a ceviche dish. And Gabe represents with a complex seafood dish.

Gabe wins the team challenge for Team Marcus. The worst bite comes from Team Ludo, which means he must send home one of his cooks.

None of the team members will throw another under the bus and answer who they think should go home.

Ludo sends Dan home. Things are really becoming emotional. Ludo is sad to lose Dan, but thinks this is the best decision. Ludo says this was like losing a friend.

Dan leaves with grace, thanking everyone and giving hugs.

Tristen is cooking octopus on a wood grill! Jen tries making fresh tortillas. Many of the cooks are nervous, especially with making Latin food.

Jen and Ben try working as a team, but Jen has lots of questions. Jen is thrilled that she made homemade tortillas and they are delicious. Ben's use of a the pressure cooker is also successful.

We're getting more back story on each of the chefs.

Vanessa is devastated that the mentors noticed the lack of salt in her dish.

Gold stars: Gabe and Tristen (all Team Marcus)

Red stars: Tom, Vanessa, and Eric (all Team Anthony)

Vanessa says she should stay because she has the most passion, which really gets under Eric's skin.

In the taste off this week are Eric and Tom, with Anthony hoping that Eric will beat out Tom to keep his team strong.

The ingredient they will work with is chorizo sausage.

After a close competition, Anthony's strategy works, and it is Tom who is sent home.


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The Taste Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

I just made homemade tortillas for the first time. Are you watching that, TV? You can do anything!


Ludo: That is not so salty that you need to send back your food.
Nigella: No, you just need a beer.