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A group of men are outside on watch. James orders a commander's meeting without Francis. He wants Lady Silence off his ship and onto the Terror.

Goodsir is teaching her how to speak English. All the other men want to know is if she's talked about the creature. She's being removed whether he likes it or not. He tells her they are leaving the ship. none of the men trust her.

The doctors are treating frostbite. Stanley lets Goodsir accompany Lady Silence to the Terror. He's not happy.

Collins reports to James that Crozier took 16 bottles of booze.

The men transport Lady Silence to the other ship. One of the men collapses and dies for apparently no reason. They bring Lady Silence down as Cornelius watches. It's Hornby who has died.

Lady Silence is put into a room. One of the officers tells Crozier what happened. Crozier seems a little snockered. he wants more booze and isn't thrilled there's only rum and gin left on the Erebus. He only has two bottles of whiskey left and wants it brought up.

Hickey thanks Goodsir for being kind and tries to find out information about Lady Silence but Goodsir doesn't provide any.

Goodsir asks the Erebus doctor about symptoms he'd seen with the black gums. The other doctor tosses an idea that it might be lead poisoning. Goodsir doesn't think it's scurvy.

Hickey gives his lover a ring and puts it on his little finger. he won't say where he got it. The men bring Hornby's body into the hold. Magnus is afraid to go down with the bodies. He thinks he's heard them trying to get out their wrappings. Cornelius shows up and offers his assistance with carrying the body.

the men are shooting cannons outside. Goodsir visits with Francis. He appreciates Francis trying to work with Lady Silence. Goodsir reports that she doesn't want to talk about the creature.

Lady Silence is brought in. Francis speaks her language and wants to know what is hunting them. She tells them its Tuunbaq. Blanky tells them that Tuunbaq is a spirit. 

Francis wanted to know how it knew to throw Sir John into the same hole they threw her father. She tells them she hasn't spoken to the Tuunbaq. She's afraid and Goodsir convinces Francis to let him question her. It's obvious he likes the woman.

Francis continues his questioning. he wants to know how to kill it. She refuses to help them. Francis is getting frustrated. he wants to punish her. She speaks back to him and tears into his soul. She asks him why he wants to die.

James shows up and Francis is not happy to see him. James confronts him about the bottles of booze he has. They get into a fight. Francis doesn't like that James called him Francis. Francis punches James. Francis kicks everyone out. He sends Blanky out to stand watch. The Tuunbaq is on the ship. It gets one of the men without them even knowing it.

Blanky faces it head on. He runs. The thing chases after him. It takes one of his legs. It looks like a big polar bear. They men try to prepare a canon to kill it but they can't see it. Blanky sets it on fire. They shoot it but Blanky goes with it. The thing has run off. The woman escapes and Francis watches her go without ordering anyone to go after her.

Blanky is still alive and they take him downstairs to work on him.

Goodsir discovers the woman is gone. She's left some things behind, but what do they mean? Considering what's happened, Blanky is in good spirits. They all have a drink. His leg is cut off because there's nothing they can do with it.

James and a couple of other officers are in Francis' quarters. He's completely drunk. He's tells them he's going to be unwell and that they need to care for him and keep it a secret. He tells them he'll be in no condition to command and that James will need to be in command for now.

He gives one of the men his gun and tells him not to give it back to him until he sees him on deck again in full uniform.

Goodsir opens up a can of food and sees that it doesn't look good. He gives the food to the monkey as an experiment.






The Terror
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The Terror Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

I'll put a bullet in my head before I drink gin.


Dr. Stanley: Fine. Go with the girl. And don't forget to invite us all to the wedding.
Dr. Goodsir: Has anyone ever invited you to a wedding, Dr. Stanley?