Clare's 16th Birthday - The Time Traveler's Wife Season 1 Episode 3
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We see Claire's perspective and how she was waiting for Henry.

Claire was often dismissed as a child.

She felt Henry's absence, and Nell set Claire up with a calendar so she could count the days until his return.

Young Claire is intelligent and recognizes that Henry looks younger than last time. He can't play video games, or he'll need to time travel, so the checker games begin.

He begins seeing a preteen, Claire, who is even more clever. When he says he meets her family in 2008,  she becomes suspicious that she and his wife share the same name.

When she's 13-years old, Claire hears gunshots and sees her dad and brother hunting and thinks they've shot Henry. She sees blood. Her dad convinces her it's a dream.

She becomes convinced she's his wife in the future, so he lies to her. She becomes angry and hides his clothes when he returns.

Claire is 16 the next he sees her. She makes him play checkers to earn back items of clothing.

After he wins, she tries to kiss him. He buys her ice cream instead.

The next time he comes, he finds a note with clothes, but Claire is at a party.

She can't stop thinking about Henry even as she stares at other guys.

Suddenly, Henry hears Claire scream, but then he disappears.

Another Henry appears next time, and Claire takes them for a drive and almost kills them.

He asks her what's wrong. She wonders if he can get arrested since she wants him to kill someone.

She tells him that Jason assaulted her and shows him the bruises.

After they grab Jason, Claire decides they should torture him. Henry ties Jason up and beats up for hurting her.

He tells Claire he loves her. They see each other once more when she's 18 before reuniting at the library.



The Time Traveler's Wife
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The Time Traveler's Wife Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Of course, it didn’t matter, because they were the same Henry, just shuffled.

Older Clare

When you’re little, everything is waiting.

Older Clare