Husband and Wife - The Time Traveler's Wife Season 1 Episode 6
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Older Henry hates video.

Another Henry time travels and sees the wheelchair and the video camera. When Clare calls for him, he disappears again.

Preteen Clare finds sick, older Henry in the clearing. He hears a song, and he has memories associated with it. He calls it " shoe polish" day.

Richard is watching his and Annette's wedding video. He's drinking and depressed. He then finds the two Henrys in bed.

Henry tries to explain that he's not gay but a time traveler. Richard doesn't believe it until Henry mentions seeing his parents' first kiss.

Clare insists they have a wedding video.

Henry keeps time traveling to his future house, and he doesn't want to worry Clare.

Clare suggests he see a doctor. Henry doesn't want to become a specimen, whose not allowed to come home. She reassures him nothing can keep them apart.

Henry introduces Clare to his dad, and they along surprisingly well.

Henry time travels again, and this time sees another Henry and Clare house hunting. He hears the lottery numbers.

He confides in his dad about his worries about the wedding and the future. Every time he travels, he sees a new part of the future --Clare crying, her jewelry box.

Henry is reading a medical journal at their engagement party. He runs off. He meets an old colleague named Ben. Gomez followed him.

He tried taking something to stop time traveling and went and saw many more places in a day.

He finally returned, but it was the wrong one. It was 36-year-old Henry. They put shoe polish on his face to make him younger.

The younger one went to Clare and watched the wedding he missed out on.



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The Time Traveler's Wife Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Preteen Clare: What’s wrong?
Older Henry: Nothing. Memories.
Preteen Clare: Because of the song?

Most people love nostalgia. That’s why they love video. Nostalgia for a time traveler is a bear trap. Memories are basically trapped doors, but I’ve already told you that before.

Older Henry