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After the shooting, Marla wants to run but Stephen says they need to stay so he can keep working with Ultra. Jedikiah doesn't know anything about Marla's powers because Roger kept her hidden. Jedikiah shows up at their home thinking they are in trouble and offers to protect Stephen and his family and even lets Stephen read his mind to see what really happened with his father. In the past, Jedikiah warned Roger not to go up against the Founder, but he didn't listen. 

Meanwhile, a paranormal appears to have been hired as a hit man, sending both Ultra and the Tomorrow People on his trail. Each of them catch the guy, only to find out it's a set of twins - one with powers and one without. Jedikiah is giddy at the prospect and makes an offer to the human twin if he can lure his brother to Ultra. Jedikiah says he will strip the paranormal twin of his powers and give them to the human. The offer is accepted, but Cara has other plans. She gives the paranormal twin a gun to give to his brother and asks them to kill Jedikiah. When they fail and the human is killed, Jedikiah is devastated. Turns out he has his brother Roger on ice. Did he want to try the experiment to see if it would work with his own brother?

Stephen isn't happy that Cara kicked John out of the lair and takes him home. This leads to a nice heart-to-heart between John and Marla. She discovers what her son is really doing at Ultra and gives up her plan for them to leave town. Cara eventually decides that she misses John but he doesn't want to be her personal assassin and tells her to forget it. 

The Tomorrow People
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