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Julian gets himself caught at Ultra on purpose, claiming that he has nothing to live for and offering Jedikiah a deal. He wants revenge and can give Jedikiah Cara and the rest of the Tomorrow People. Jedikiah doesn’t take him at his word and inserts a bomb into Julian’s head as insurance, leaving Julian just 18 hours to fulfill his promise or die.

Meanwhile, John is still living at Stephen’s place when Astrid calls. She’s frightened to leave her house after everything that has happened. So John takes her to a subway car, gives her a pep talk and jumps off of it with her to show her how to overcome her fear. In return, she tells him to get over his own fear and return to the lair.

Julian tries to capture the paranormals but Stephen manages to stop him, while keeping his cover. But Charlotte leaves the lair looking for John and Julian captures her and uses her to find the location of the lair. This prompts John to return and he and Cara decide to work together to fight him. They trap him in a bulletproof room and allow the timer to go out on the bomb in his head.

Jedikiah thinks Stephen is dead and is relieved to find out that he somehow got away, not knowing that he was of course saved by the paranormals. Charlotte is saved by Russell before she can be returned to the Citadel and Stephen discovers a gadget that was once his father’s. He doesn’t know what it does, but its reaction to him suggests it could be significant.

The Tomorrow People
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