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Stephen and Cara are enjoying the morning after their tryst in a fancy hotel room. Stephen is still glowing, but Cara doesn't look too happy and looks like she just wants to forget the whole thing ever happened. Cara jumps back home and John has returned from his trip with a cute stuffed beaver for her. Talk about major guilt trip. She lies and tells him she was out because she needed some "me time."

John brings Cara a gift back from his trip with Russell. Cara tells him that she needed some alone time and went to a hotel for the night. While everyone was gone Irene found a new paranormal, but this one is a rapist and though they don't have a prison, they still want him off the street and they know they can catch him faster than Ultra so they decide to go after him. 

At Ultra, Stephen is getting grief from other agents about Darcy's death and Jedekiah agrees to let him take some time off to decompress. So Stephen decides to immerse himself back into school life, which includes discovering the fun of using his powers on the basketball court. In fact, he's so good that the coach asks him to play on the team. 

Out on the hunt for the rapist, John and Cara are still sniping at each other until John admits that he thought about her a lot on his trip. He tells her that he knows he messed up and wants to earn her trust back. 

Stephen jumps home with Astrid and they find Cara standing there. Cara says what happened between them was a mistake, her mistake. Stephen doesn't buy it though and says there's been something between them since she was just a voice in his head. He asks her to let him into his head so he can see she's telling the truth. She refuses. 

Stephen's new teammates coerce him into hosting a huge party at his place while his mom is at work. He accidentally uses his powers, but luckily the guests are so drunk and high that no one notices. Luca is just happy to see that his older brother is finally hanging with the cool kids. 

Back underground, Cara decides to tell John she slept with Stephen. John asks if it was about her just wanting to get revenge for his lies and tells her she wins for telling her secret faster than he did. At the party, Astrid walks in on Stephen and another girl making out. Astrid is very angry and he accidentally reads her mind and finds out she's in love with him. She runs out to avoid making the moment even more awkward than it already is. 

Cara feels the paranormal rapist about to go after his next victim and the group jumps him. The man calls them all "the blessed ones" and, after a brief fight with John, jumps away. Meanwhile, Stephen is left with a messy house and is about to start cleaning (with his powers, not a vacuum) Jedekiah shows up. Turns out Jedekiah has been keeping tabs on Stephen and knows that he's been using his powers for silly stuff like basketball games. So they put cuff on Stephen that dampens his powers to teach him a lesson. 

Stephen wakes up the next morning to discover that his mom came home between shifts at the hospital and saw the mess. He's in major trouble and goes underground to see if anyone can help him get the cuff off, but they can't. Stephen wants to help find the rapist, but Cara coldly tells him that, without his powers, he is helpless. 

John offers to take Stephen back to school and to help him during the game. Cara looks worried as they walk away but lets them go. John helps Stephen but not without knocking him to the court a few times in retaliation for sleeping with Cara. After the game the two trade insults and then punches until Cara jumps in and puts a stop to it. She announces that it's all her fault, then tells Stephen she's with John and it all must end. 

Once they are gone, Stephen uses plain old common sense to figure out that the rapist has been taking his victims to the sewers. Stephen goes after the rapist on his own, but without his powers he gets his ass royally handed to him. Cara hears Stephen, somehow he's able to call to her even with the suppression cuff on.

Cara and John show up to help Stephen, but not before he is thrown in the water to drown. Close to death, he sees his father, who gives him a cryptic message, telling Stephen "go back and save them all" and "Thanatos." Stephen doesn't know what it means, but luckily John pulls him out of the water and starts giving him mouth to mouth. 

It takes a while, but John is finally able to revive Stephen, while Cara watches anxiously. After that, Stephen goes back to Ultra and takes the credit for catching the rapist. He then tells his uncle that he wants his powers back and to be an agent again. 

Back underground, Cara asks John if they are okay and he jokes that, since he technically made out with Stephen too, they are even. Getting serious, John tells Cara he knows that Stephen loves her. Cara admits that there is something between she and Stephen, but will lie to Stephen if that's what it takes to keep John. Says she loves him and he says that's all he needs to know. 

Meanwhile, Stephen finds Astrid and apologizes for becoming a jerk when he played with his powers. Stephen tells Astrid that he loves her, but not in "that" way and also, there is someone else. He says the other woman doesn't love him, but Astrid knows better. 

Stephen goes to see Cara and tells her that he knows they are connected and that they are "inevitable." It doesn't change her mind so he says that is the last time he will bring it up. John walks in and Stephen tells them both that he saw his father and knows he is alive and that they must find him. 

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The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Our powers don't make us good, they just make us more powerful. How we use them is up to us.


John: What now?
Cara: I'm not sure.