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In the past, Cara was just another runaway paranormal. She was found by Nelly and her boyfriend Julian, but they weren't like The Tomorrow People. They liked to use their powers for evil and Julian got off on the pain that came from almost killing people. In the present, Cara notices that no one seems to trust her after what happened at the Citadel, especially when Charlotte won't stop screaming and acts like a psychic beacon to their location. The others want her gone, but Cara won't put her on the street.

Cara meets up with Julian and his crew to tell them to get our of New York, which only causes him to bring in his people and force Cara and her people to run. Meanwhile Stephen takes part in Jedikiah's games to find the strongest paranormals who will get to keep their powers. It seems he's trying to weed out the weak at Ultra and Stephen's new partner Hillary is ready to do whatever it takes to keep her job, and her powers.

In the past, we find out why Julian has it in for Cara: She messed up on a job and got his girlfriend killed. So he takes it out on her now by beating up Russell, who was sent to spy on Julian's group and found out about their next job. Cara decides to go after Julian and a fight breaks out between both factions. Cara's crew seems to run away, but it's a trap and really they were hiding Charlotte who blasts the bad paranormals and takes their powers.

Stephen and his team show up to capture Julian's group, but he gets away and lives to start up another crew, starting with another runaway girl on the street. Back underground, Cara gets pep talks from Stephen and John about her leadership. At Ultra, Stephen tells Jedikiah his whole team did well and though Hillary thanks him for it, she also follows him and seems to be searching for ways to exploit his weaknesses. 

The Tomorrow People
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The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Didn't realize Ultra had its own Triwizard Tournament.


Russell: Are you calling me fat?
Cara: I'm calling you lazy.