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A new breakout appears in the city, but instead of doing bad things, this one is actually helping people. Russell thinks the paranormal is a woman from his past, but it's actually a whole group of people inspired to do good by his old friend.

Under the influence of the Red Avengers, as the group calls themselves, Russell begins to wonder if it's time to stop hiding in caves and do some good. Meanwhile, Morgan goes to see Jedikiah to try and get more information on Stephen's father and ends up telling Jedikiah that she's pregnant.

She gets just enough information to help Cara search further in John's mind and get the location of Stephen's father's body. Stephen finds his dad and Jedikiah finds him, leaving the two in a standoff.

The Tomorrow People
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The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

Stephen: Sorry about that, my partner is a little unhinged. Full disclosure: She scares the crap out of me

Stephen: It’s my partner from Ultra.
Russell: Great. Invite her out. Girl needs to get laid more than you do.