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Stephen dreams of a breakout, a woman who turns out to be the daughter of the Founder. Stephen is upset about Jedikiah nearly killing Astrid and quits, but the Founder makes him a deal: capture Cassie and Astrid can go free.

John is healing slowly and gets a visit from Cara, but when she suggests that perhaps he got attached to Astrid, he informs her that it wasn't Astrid he was thinking about when he thought he was dying. They share a kiss, but Cara says it's just old habits that they should let die, since she can't be impartial around him and doesn't want to risk the group.

The group helps Stephen capture Cassie and discover she actually wants Ultra to strip her powers because she figures it's the only way her dad will leave her alone. Cara thinks there must be more to it than that and refuses to let her go, but when Stephen is captured by the Founder, John makes an executive decision to bring her back. When he returns underground, they get into a battle of wills that ends with Cara ordering John to leave the lair for good. 

Cassie returns to her father to save Stephen, despite the fact that he invented her entire past and pumped it into her head. The Founder lets Stephen go and promises Astrid is safe, but sends a team to kill her once she goes home. Cassie tells Stephen, but he can't get there in time and arrives just as his mother blocks all the bullets. Turns out Stephen doesn't have just one paranormal parent, he has two.

The Tomorrow People
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