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Flashbacks show the evolution of Klaus's cult up until his return to Dallas.

Diego wakes up to Lila tending to his wounds after his fight with Reginald. They hookup after she tells him a story of her parent's deaths.

The Swedes chase Vanya into a cornfield, where she's frightened into awakening her powers. Five (who has been tracking sound waves) finds her. He explains who she is and how they ended up in 1963. He leaves out that she caused the 2019 apocalypse (asteroid impact). 

Allison shows up at Klaus's mansion, where she explains she's living in South Dallas and working as a civil rights organizer with a new husband. She admits she hasn't used her power since trying to use it on Vanya (she didn't speak for a year).

Ben haunts the police station to get Raymond released from jail. Klaus drops the bomb that they're brothers-in-law.

Luther tracks down Allison and instead finds Raymond. He deliberately loses his next fight after finding out they've been married almost a year.

Klaus finds Dave working in a hardware shop, who doesn't yet know him. Being around Dave and hearing the paint machine sounds triggers PTSD. Klaus tells Ben Dave enlists on the day Kennedy is assassinated and he wants to stop him to save his life.

Ray shows up to the sit-in visibly upset at the knowledge of two brothers-in-law she never told him about.

Allison finally uses her power to make a police officer stop beating Ray and Ray runs away fron her, scared.

Lila slips out of bed with Diego to go meet her mom, The Handler.

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Look, you can either stay here and wait for the IKEA mafia to come back to kill you or you can come with me.


Destiny's Children! Let us all commune with music.