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Tara wakes up in a graveyard in front of Hubbard's grave when Max calls and tells Tara to come home because they are trying to get the house clean before the child services come to check on their home life.

Marshall and his friends and they are trying to help break up with Courtney, but he is unable to so they lay the bad news on Courtney when she meets up with them.

Neil comes over to bring the shop-vac and Charmaine is having trouble with telling him so Max blurts it out.  Neil is obviously upset with Charmaine tells her to have an abortion because she is no where near being ready to be a parent.

Linda and Kate are at the comic book store for signing autographs and no one is coming over to their table. Kate has a moment to talk to the older lady and ask her what her secret is. She tells her to get an email list together so there is easier access to her for her fans. Tara talks to Linda about how her place really speaks to her as an artist. They are able to bond and Kate does not like it.

Linda comes home with Tara to borrow her projection.  And Max is in full freak out mode because the child services guy will be there within the hour. 

Max walks in on Marshall jerking off to tell him he had company. He heads downstairs and Courtney is waiting for him.  Courtney brings him a box she made with 'liar' written all over it. 

Max realizes that the man from social services will be there any minute and he starts yelling at Tara who alters into Alice. Alice attacks back telling Max she knew he was trying to kill her and the other alters with all the medication Tara has been taking.

Alice comes out to welcome Courtney over and goes into the kitchen to grab a pitcher of tea. She walks back into the living room where Marshall irrupts on Courtney and the rest of his family. This makes Tara alter into the animal like gremlin. Courtney leaves in a hurry and Max locks Tara into the laundry room.

Max, the kids, and Charmaine pretend to be a happy loving family. The social services guy doesn't suspect a thing and the episode ends with a wild animal like Tara running around outside.

United States of Tara
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United States of Tara Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

You brought your boyfriend? I was hoping we would do this like Europeans where I wouldn't have to meet him until your funeral.


Tara: (about their house) How is it?
Max: When was the last time you were in New Orleans?
Tara: Okay - I am on my way.