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Tara is taking out the garbage and finds Marshall’s liar box and asks to keep it. She goes to see Kate and asks her if she wants to go with her to the art fair and Kate is not happy that she has become good friends with Lynda.

At Lynda’s place, Tara and Lynda are working on art, when Max surprises Tara by showing up with dinner. She politely asks him to leave because they are still working.

Meanwhile, Kate is getting busy online as the Princess with her dorky and horny subjects. He wants her to sit on a cake and gets a magic bullet out of it.

The next day, she is able to get a Vespa by sitting on a bunch of balloons.

Charmaine tells Nick that the baby isn’t his and it is Neil’s. He cant believe she did this and asks her if he forced himself upon her.  She tells him that he might have emotionally.

At the art show, Lionel does a-bombs - adderall in the bathroom with Marshall.  Max walks over to Tara’s display and calls it out for being crappy. Tara walks over and accuses him of doing that purposely.  They get into a huge fight and he leaves.

The fireworks display starts. With Linda’s help, Tara goes outside to see it.

Max heads to a bar and Pammy lets him in.

United States of Tara
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United States of Tara Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

You know I thought about keeping it just so I could be reminded that my actions affect others.


You make art with all your selves.