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Max is finishing up Charmaine's dream wedding alter when Tara brings up that she is not happy to see her parents and pretend that everything is okay.

Charmaine is about to marry Nick and asks Tara to keep things under control until after the ceremony. Tara agrees to, but is unable to keep Chicken from coming out because her father insanely admits to Tara that she and Charmaine have an older half brother.

Kate has yet to tell her parents that she is moving out and her new boyfriend Zack will be buying her a condo.

Lionel is over and is reluctant to go to Charmaine’s wedding because he doesn’t believe it is right that straight people can get married when gay people can not. But, Marshall gets him to go because they kind of love each other.

Kate introduces Zack to Marshall’s boyfriend Lionel when Zack admits to them that he believes gay people should not have the same rights as straight people and on top of everything he is a Republican.  This infuriates Lionel and he leaves.

While waiting for the ceremony, Zack tells Kate he needs to protect her from her crazy mom. This is the last straw for Kate so she tells Zack that this is her family and he can’t speak about them like that - then she kicks him out.

As the ceremony is about to begin, Nick interrupts and tells everyone that he can’t go through with it. He leaves with his parents who are ecstatic that the wedding didn’t happen.

Tara finally comes back and realizes what she did. She confronts her parents who tell her that they really do have a half brother named Brice who use to do things to Tara when she was just a child. Tara is enraged with her parents for knowing why she has her disease and weren’t honest with her about her life.

Charmaine sits alone on the side of the curb when Neil comes and tells her that she looks really pretty and wants to take her out for a drink. She happily accepts.

The season ends with Tara, Max, and the kids dancing with each other in a very nice and unexpected happy moment.

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United States of Tara Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Oprah ruined vajayjay.


Max could you do me a favor and hot glue gun her lips together please?