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Tara is having memories of Mimi at a parade telling her and Charmaine not to talk to anyone.  Tara doesn’t want Charmaine moving into the Hubbard house because of all her visions of the past.

Charmaine helps Tara get their mom to come visit so they can figure out who Mimi is. When their mom comes, she is reluctant to tell them anything and it makes Tara turn into Alice.

Alice ruins the open-house by telling the couple that Hubbard blew his brain’s out. Tara’s mom comes out and tells her that she obviously knows who Mimi is and leaves.

Neil signs the papers over to Charmaine so that the baby will not legally be his.

Kate goes out to play tennis with her new boyfriend Zack. When they get back to her house Zack fully realizes that Kate is still a kid. He decides to end things because of it.

Lionel and Marshall go to a park to have random sex with men when Marshall runs into the neighbor.  Marshall and his neighbor make a deal not to say anything to his parents.

The episode ends with Tara and Max in bed and she tells him that she forgives him. Max wakes up in the middle of the night being punched in the face by Buck who is obviously mad that Max slept with his love Pammy.

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Superman slept with someone else?


Completely believable explanation.