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Pammy and Max are hanging out and things get a little steamy between them.  And they end up having sex on the pool table.  When he gets home, he doesn’t tell Tara what he did.

One of Kate’s cyber guys asks to meet her in person. They meet for lunch and hit it off.  He tells her if she ever wants to be treated like a real princess and to stop acting like one he should give her a call.

Marshall’s neighbor, Ted, tells him that his boyfriend Paddy left him because he feels that his youth was stolen.

Marshall and Lionel get called into the principal’s office to hand out condoms to students.

Charmaine’s fiancé Nick tells her that she must get Neil to sign over paternity rights because Neil’s told her countless times he wants her to have an abortion.

Charmaine tells Neil that they are having a girl and Neil is happily stunned. That night, Charmaine lies to Nick again and says that Neil agreed to sign over the rights to their child.

After a crazy romp with Shoshana, Max and Tara are lying in the Hubbard house naked next to each other. He  ends up telling Tara that he slept with Pammy.

United States of Tara
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United States of Tara Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Tara f**ks over a lot of people. I just wanted to make sure you were okay.


Pammy: You were worried about me?
Max: Yeah I was.