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Tara wakes up naked next to Pammy. It has been over two weeks now and it is the first time Tara has lied to Max ever about her personalities.

Max is overly excited that they got the Hubbard house. Max’s friend, Neal, is over and talks about how much he wants to be with Charmaine.

Kate goes to visit the lady, Lynda, from last week because the check she wrote bounced. Lynda gives her a personal check. Kate hangs out and smokes some pot. Lynda takes out Princess Valhalla Hawkwind outfit and Kate tries it on.  

Lynda gives Kate some pot to go and Kate smokes Marshall out.

Tara finds out that Marshall is now straight, which makes her want to find out what Buck is doing at Pammy’s house.

When Tara gets there she realizes that Buck has made a life with Pammy. She comes clean about her multiple personality disorder and Pammy refuses to believe her.

Pammy follows the whole family when they go ice skating.  She goes on record at the rink that she loves Buck and wants to be with him no matter what.

Max leaves the rink upset with Tara for not telling him the truth.

United States of Tara
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United States of Tara Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Marshall is dating a girl? I guess that makes sense on opposite day.


I just can't tell him I am transitioning again.