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On this eventful episode, Max and Marshall fly to NYC because the latter's film is entered in a festival. The former freaks out on the plane, which bothers Marshall because he'd like things to be about him for once.

These two also meet Evan, who brings his manic eight-year old son, Monty, along. He's gonna be a load for Kate to handle if she remains in this relationship.

Elsewhere, Charmaine meets Abby while getting a pedicure. She's a mother who's all about taking time for oneself if one wishes to be a good mother.

In the installment's biggest storyline:

- Tara turns into Chicken at a corn maze. Her family finds her crying and holding a stuffed bunny. Later on, with Max and Marshall away, she enlists the help of Dr. Hatteras, who picks Tara up after she transitions and actually takes Wheels away. No real harm is done, as the pair simply got on to a bus and then Tara awoke to what happened.

- In Hatteras' attempt to help Tara, he has her take him to the corn maze. She runs to the spot where she earlier became Chicken, falling down over the stuffed animal and saying "he" killed her. Who killer her, Hatteras asks. "I did," is the response. Tara has transitioned again and she tells Hatteras her name is Bryce Crane. He/she plans on killing Tara.

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