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On the latest installment of United States of Tara...

- Marshall confided in Lionel about how effed up he truly is. The admission came on the heels of an interview with his dad, during which Marshall asked if he was conceived because his father needed help somehow controlling Tara. Max got angry over the question, said having Marshall was the best decision he ever made and then got up and left.

- Evan told Kate he was recently divorced and has a child, but the bad weather forced a flight to get canceled in Tulsa and these two bonded in a hotel room. It doesn't seem like they slept together, but Evan drove Kate back to Kansas and they kissed goodbye. It seems like he's hiding something more.

- The biggest storyline involved Hatteras dropping Tara as a client because the kite dude he thought he cured ended up killing himself... by jumping off a building, thinking he was a kite. Tara tried to keep herself together despite this development, but check out how the episode ended:

Max and his band played a song at the bar, the same one Max played for Tara the night he proposed. Tara seemed happy over it, but then went to get the birthday cake and transitioned... into someone new, it seems. She sliced open her arm with a knife to conclude the half hour.

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