This was a slow episode of The Vampire Diaries, until the end when the action kicked in - and it really kicked in!

First, let's go over a few less pressing developments:

- Damon appears to have done more to Jeremy than erase his memory of Vicki getting killed. Jeremy is suddenly studying and off drugs. That's a good thing, yes, but Elena is worried about what sort of long-term effects Damon's mind trick will have on her brother.

- Bonnie's aunt tells her that the crystal given to her by Bonnie a her talisman. It's found her. Now Bonnie can't even take it off, not even when Bonnie tries to rip it off her neck because Damon demands it. Damon is extra hard on Bonnie when she fails at delivering this item to her and it lowers her self-esteem farther than ever. She gets drunk at a party at the Grill and goes home with Matt. They appear to merely cuddle in her bed, but, hey, who knows!

- We got to meet Lexi, Stefan's oldest vampire friend. She was cool. She thought it was eerie that Elena resembled Katherine - who Lexi thinks was a bitch - but then realized that Stefan was really in love with Elena and gave the latter a little pep talk at the party.

Damon, however, was not happy to see Lexi. She's older and stronger than he is. Early in the episode, he hands Sheriff Forbes a box of vervain, as he's still trying to cast suspicion away from himself when it comes to who in town is a vampire. It would get worse: at the party, Damon kills on half of a couple that is making out outside. But he spares the girl and clearly messes with her mind: when asked by the police who attacked her, she points to Lexi inside the bar.

Sheriff Forbes comes inside, shoots Lexi up with vervain, but Lexi escapes the police hold outside and sets her sights on the sheriff. Stefan and Elena witness this, as they have just left the bar, but it's too late: out of nowhere, Damon attacks and stabs Lexi in the chest with a stake. He whispers to her that it's all part of his "plan." The sheriff, of course, thanks him.

We end the episode on two major notes:

  1. Stefen has had enough. He goes home and has it out with Damon, stabbing him just below the heart with a stake, saying he's sparing his life, but Damon and him are through.
  2. Bonnie has a dream, as the camera focuses in on her glowing necklace. She wakes up in a cemetery, following a vision of a woman that says: "It's coming."
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The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

It's not everyday a guy turns 162 years old.


Lexi: What's keeping her here?
Stefan: I told you. Her name is Elena.