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On this episode of The Vampire Diaries, twists and turns abounded...

- Stefan opened up to Elena about his past and how he feasted on every human he could find when initially turned. What made him right his ways? The arrival of Lexie, who taught him the importance of tapping into his human side. Stefan tried to use this lesson to get Elena to fight and not martyr herself to Klaus.

- Elena listened and took the lesson to heart... by killing Elijah! When he arrived at her parents' cabin, she tricked the Original into coming close - by stabbing herself - and then plunged the dagger John had given Damon into Elijah's heart. As long as it remains there, he'll remain dead.

- Back in Mystic Falls, Dr. Martin burst into the Gilbert's house, where Jeremy and Bonnie were practicing her craft, and demanded to know what she got from Luka. She told him, and he responded by taking away her powers. For her own safety, he said.

- Jenna asked Alaric about his wife, based on John's tease from last week that Isobel's body wasn't found. Alaric couldn't bring himself to tell Jenna the truth, so these two basically broke up, with Alaric giving his ring to John in exchange for him offering to fix things.

- The episode concluded with Damon walking into the bathroom and receiving a shock: Katherine was alive and showering! Due to Elijah's death, his compulsion was gone and she was free to escape the tomb. She claimed she wants to help Damon and company deal with Klaus.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Damon: You sound about jealous. Does he sound about jealous?
Andie: You kind of do.

Damon: You get anything out of Elijah?
Alaric: No, it was boring. Of course, Jenna thinks he's charming.