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A great deal went down this week. Such as...

- In Chicago, Stefan went to Gloria to try and feel her out, as she told him she wanted that necklace for herself and had a feeling he knew a lot about it. She proceeded to torture him and did learn all about Elena, but then Katherine showed up and killed her. They disposed of the body and Katherine left, but then Rebekah had a feeling of her own later on when alone with Stefan:

He was up to something. Klaus knocked him out, put him in a truck and the episode ended with the pair arriving back in Mystic falls.

- In town during the episode, Jeremy kept seeing Anna, who said she was alone on "the other side" and that she sensed "darkness" any time Vicki was around. Jeremy ended up telling Bonnie all about the ghosts and doing his best to shut Anna out.

- Bill Forbes was still around, as Damon learned he has trained himself to NOT be compelled. How would Damon therefore deal with this vampire hater? He tried to kill him, but Caroline intervened and these two fought a bit. She ended up saying goodbye tearfully to her dad, who still thinks she's doomed as a vampire.

- Damon was having a bad day all around. Alaric told him to take a little bit of a break from Elena, as many were concerned over how close these two were getting. Damon lashed out and screamed at Elena that he is not Stefan. He also lashed out and temporarily broke Alaric's neck. His pal was saved by his ring, but also so angry that he ended up joining the town council.

Late in the episode, Elena pretty much admitted to Caroline that she's attracted to Damon, while Katherine showed up under the guise of Elena and got Bonnie to give her the necklace. She then went to Damon and asked if he wanted to take a trip somewhere. He said yes.

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I'd forgotten what it was like to have a brother.