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As The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 19 begins, Caroline and Stefan continue their margarita bender at the bar. Caroline cleans up after their scuffle and Enzo wonders why she cares. He's followed his phone to the bar and learns that Stefan's humanity is off too. Caroline leaves him to finish cleaning up so she can prepare for her audition for the Whitmore musical.

Stefan returns to the manor to collect weapons and Damon attempts to intercept him with vervain. He's unsuccessful and Stefan advises Damon to stay out of the way.

Jo has Sarah at Whitmore Medical Center with plans to keep her there until Elena's blood has passed from her system. Jo is uncomfortable with the idea but Alaric assures her it will be okay. They begin discussing baby names.

Elena walks into the manor to find Damon destroying furnishings. He's looking for an outlet for his rage and nearly destroys the video camera with proof of his mother's existence. Elena believes Lillian Salvatore will be the key to getting Stefan's humanity back and Stefan is the key to Caroline's. Damon visits Bonnie, but she's reluctant to help because she hates Kai.

Bonnie agrees to work with Kai in order to help Damon. Kai tells Bonnie he'll go to 1903 to retrieve Lily Salvatore if she will go with him. Kai uses Bonnie's desire to return Caroline's humanity to guilt her into going.

Caroline sings to audition for the Whitmore musical and cries while singing. Stefan turns into the ripper and kills the director while she's singing. He tells Caroline that he's making his ripper tendencies her problem since she forced him to turn his humanity off.

Bonnie and Kai prepare to take themselves plus Damon and Elena to 1903. Damon doesn't want Elena to come and Kai tries to tell Elena there isn't enough magic. Bonnie makes sure to bring Elena alone. In 1903, Bonnie and Kai go in search of the ascendant and she tells Elena he's turned over a new leaf but she doesn't really believe it.

Caroline tries to get rid of Stefan by dismantling his bike. He informs her that she's terrible at revenge.

Jo calls Alaric to tell him that his name precludes him from being able to name their baby. Enzo knocks on Alaric's office door seeking his help getting Caroline and Stefan into the Salvatore cellar. 

Elena suggests Damon give Lily another chance and Lily says she's been dead to him since they buried her empty coffin in 1858. She's merely a tool to get his brother back. She walks in and he greets her with "hello, mother." He wants to know why she never returned for them and seems more interested in Stefan than in Damon.

Stefan refuses to leave Caroline alone at Whitmore, instead throwing a vervain grenade in her face and threatening to kill her. She bests him and stakes him near his heart but not in it.

Bonnie and Kai cast a spell to find the ascendant in 1903 and he once again tries to apologize to her for his actions in 1994. When she continues chanting instead of listening to him, he grabs her. She tells him that he doesn't matter if he's sincere now. The old Kai is still inside him somewhere.

Elena and Damon fill Lily in on their plan to have her reconnect Stefan with his humanity, but they don't want him to know about her horrors throughout Europe. She says she'll get the rest of her traveling companions ready to go and takes them into a cellar revealing several desiccated vampires.

While Alaric and Enzo hunt Caroline and Stefan they discuss both Alaric's obvious humanity and Enzo's extreme loneliness, which Alaric blames for Enzo's revenge scheme against Stefan. 

When a student happens upon Caroline and Stefan in the hallway, Stefan throws a stake into the student's stomach. Caroline saves her with vampire blood and sends her to her room while Stefan tells Caroline that humanity-free vampires don't value human life. While Caroline yells at Stefan about his risks, he hears Enzo and Alaric coming.

In the cellar, Lily tells Damon and Elena that the people she traveled with saved her life by sacrificing their rations for her. Because of them, she says, she learned to control her bloodlust. When she leaves the cellar to get enough blood to revive her friends, Damon and Elena spy the Ascendant and realize Bonnie's not actually looking for it.

Bonnie and Kai walk through the woods discussing his newfound feelings. Bonnie says there's a sliver of her who believes he's changed and he laughs and says she's right. When he walks away from her she stabs him in the back, telling him she plans to make him feel how she felt.

Enzo and Alaric are unconscious following a vervain grenade. When Stefan makes a move to kill them both, Caroline stops him. He takes her down the hall into the student's dorm room and tempts Caroline with blood from the vein.

Damon and Elena tell Lily that her vampire companions can't come with them because they're down a witch and don't have enough power to bring them all back. Lily agrees to leave them when Damon tells her he will let her rot if she doesn't. They escape and leave Kai locked in 1903 with one partially awake vampire.

Enzo visits Sarah in the hospital to tell her it was a mistake to bring her into his life. He's had a change of heart about his loneliness and he has no interest in playing the game any longer. He calls her Sarah Salvatore. 

Damon introduces Lily to technology and tells her that she should ask Stefan to teach her since teaching is his thing. She admits that on the night of her funeral, she visited them so she could see them both, but when she leaned down to Stefan's ear, she was overcome with bloodlust and had to leave.

Kai stumbles upon six desiccated vampires and one of them has just enough life to grab him. 

Bonnie talks to Damon after their trek to 1903 and tells him she brought him a gift from 1994. It's the cure, which she picked up on Nova Scotia when she drove there to obtain her magic. 

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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 17 Quotes

Kai: Don't you ever dream about time travel?
Bonnie: I would rather die of cholera than spend an afternoon with you.

Listen, we go in, we grab my mom, she flips Stefan's switch, he triggers Caroline, emotional dominoes, heyyyyyyy! Everybody wins.